A dog friendly walk from DogPeople

A dog-friendly walk from DogPeople
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Ingleborough via Gaping Gill from Austwick (15 hard - option)

Austwick Nr Settle Yorkshire LA28BY

We walked from The Traddock Hotel in Austwick (SD 76827 68318).  Some on street parking is available for no residents.  This route includes one difficult ladder stile crossed twice to access Gaping Gill and Ingleborough and a 60p charge for using a private track.  Alternatives are available to avoid both.

From the hotel TURN LEFT (away from A65 and towards village centre).  KEEP AHEAD across a left hand turn towards the village green and cross.  Keep to the RIGHT of the green and TURN RIGHT into a road signed to Horton.   Keep ahead past the pub on your left hand side then TURN LEFT into Townhead Lane (signed as a no-through-road).  Follow this metalled lane steadily uphill past the last of the houses then up the lane with stone walls on either side. 

Near the top of the hill TURN LEFT onto a bridle path signed to Clapham by a wooden finger post (Thwaite Lane on our map).  Follow the roughly made track between stone walls as it steadily climbs.  TURN RIGHT by a wooded area onto a similar path signed by a wooden finger post to Selside (Pennine Bridleway marked as Long Lane on our map).  Follow the path down past woods, then climb again past a smaller copse on your left hand side.   KEEP AHEAD through a gate into an open area (no wall on right hand side).  Keep close to the wall on your left hand side as the path climbs again before reaching a gate in a wall.  Go through the gate then TURN LEFT and follow the wall on your left hand side down hill. 

At the bottom of the hill you’ll reach a track with a gate and stile on your left.  TURN RIGHT into a valley and follow a path as it scrambles up out of the valley (Trow Gill).  (IF TAKING THE SHORT ROUTE explore Trow Gill then follow instructions from ## below).  Follow the path at the top of the scramble keeping close to a wall on your left hand side.  CROSS the wall via a THREE RUNG LADDER STILE (i.e. turn left) this may be a challenge for many dogs and for owners with large dogs even though there’s a good platform on top of the stile (if you’ve got this far but can’t manage the stile then retrace your steps through Trow Gill and follow the short route).  Follow the path away from the stile in a more-or-less westerly direction at first.  FORK RIGHT after the path becomes clearer towards Gaping Gill (the left fork will take you to Ingleborough without seeing the Gill).  After exploring the Gill take the left hand path just before its fence to rejoin the path for Ingleborough.

The path to the summit plateau is now clearly defined often laid with gravel, stone slabs or stone steps.  The top of the path is marked by a couple of fairly large cairns.  From there bear left across the plateau to reach the summit cairn, trig point and walkers’ ‘shelter’.  Because visibility was poor, and there was no obvious path when we walked, we kept close to the top of the ridge on the left hand side for some way before turning right nearer to the trig point.   Our GPS showed 6.5 miles walked to here.

RETURN on the same route off Ingleborough keeping to the left hand fork just above Gaping Gill then over the ladder stile and back down through Trow Gill.  ## GO AHEAD through the gate (or through the stile gate besides it) below the Gill  don’t turn up the wall line on your left as used on the outward journey (unless you want to shorten the route or avoid a 60p charge to use Clapham Drive).  Go ahead through another gate then past Ingleborough Cave on your right hand side (we visited and found it dog friendly and enjoyed the company of Dora a Chocolate Labrador).  Continue on the track with a stream and valley on your left hand side the AHEAD through a gate into Ingleborough Estate Nature Trail (note 60p toll per person payable at the far end).  Follow the track down through woods with various viewing points and, near the bottom, a lake on your left hand side.   Follow the ‘way out’ markers through a left hand bend and a zig zag.  Note ‘car park style’ pay machine for toll just as you reach the public road (also note information board and view of waterfall). 

Continue on the road a short distance then TURN LEFT over a bridge into Church Avenue signed to Austwick 2 miles.  As the road bends right CONTINUE AHEAD towards an arch with metal gates.  TURN LEFT before the arch onto a bridle way signed by a wooden finger post to Austwick and cycle route 68 (scoop bin here if you need one).   The track passes the church then climbs steadily through a couple of short tunnels.  At the top of the hill BEAR SLIGHLY RIGHT at a tracks junction (you are now back on Thwaites Lane). 

At a cross tracks TURN RIGHT down the metalled lane (don’t go ahead signed to Austwick).  Follow the lane downhill to a T-Junction and TURN RIGHT.  Continue back to the village green / cross then TURN LEFT (signed to Settle) back to The Traddock.

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