A dog friendly walk from DogPeople

A dog-friendly walk from DogPeople
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Llanarmon (3 easy)

Hamish was staying at The Hand (which welcomes dogs in the bar and some bedrooms). There is car parking here for patrons (and the food is good!) - grid reference SJ 1570 3280. 

TURN LEFT from the car park and walk in front of The Hand then TURN SHARP LEFT to walk up the lane besides The Hand (stream on your left hand side). Follow the lane uphill past the school (on your right hand side) and between houses to the edge of the village. As the lane bends right, just beyond the end of speed limit sign, KEEP AHEAD over a bridge towards the last house.

KEEP TO THE LEFT of the house, following a bridleway finger post. Go through gates at either end of the house's grounds. Follow a clear path ahead from the second gate. KEEP AHEAD through another metal gate (note blue arrow marker) and continue on the clear path. KEEP AHEAD through a wooden five-bar gate as the path starts to climb. Follow the path through ferns (quite clear when we walked but may be harder to follow in summer months). As the path emerges from the first section of ferns TURN LEFT UPHILL for about 50 metres or so then RIGHT on a much less clear path through the next section of ferns (now following a similar route as before the turns but on a higher contour). Follow the contour round until you can see two rocky outcrops above to your left. The path was now impossible to see "on the ground" - AIM TO THE RIGHT OF THE RIGHT HAND OUTCROP, climbing a little as you go (if you don't turn soon enough - or sharp enough - you'll find yourself in a boggy area).

Once past the rocks look for a 'stile' in a fence line (ahead / right). A brown walker sign on the post by the 'stile' indicates the end of the 'right to roam' area. Cross with care - there was no cross step on the stile when we walked - Hamish scrambled under the fence despite his dodgy back leg (SJ 1660 3206). Cross the next field near the bottom right hand side, then over another stile beside a standing stone (take care again - this one was very rickety -Hamish had to be lifted). Look ahead for a gate across the next field, it is pretty much ahead but you might wish to detour a little left in order to miss a boggy section directly between the stile and gate.

Go through the gate - it was tied top and bottom when we walked - (note footpath markers on right hand post) then TURN LEFT on track. At cross tracks TURN LEFT and follow the track downhill to a gate. Go through the gate and TURN LEFT on a metalled lane - follow it back to The Hand.

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