A dog friendly walk from DogPeople

A dog-friendly walk from DogPeople
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Flixton Disused Air Station Site Circular - 4½ easy

Flixton Suffolk NR35 1NL

We were staying at Old Rectory Cottages in Suffolk (dog friendly holiday accommodation at grid reference TM 3128 8670) when one of the directors walked this route. Hamish had to stay behind with another director as this would have too far for him. It would be possible to start from Church Road if arriving by car but pick a parking spot carefully as the road is quite narrow.

From The Old Rectory, walk down the drive into Abbey Road then TURN LEFT away from Flixton. Follow the narrow but quite lane round a sharp right hand bend (ahead at the bend would have been one of the entrances to the now disused air station some evidence of the roads etc. is still visible in the entrance to what is now a farm). Pass a memorial to the aircrews and USAAF squadrons that once flew from here on your left hand side (LHS). About the same distance again as from the bend look for bridleway signs on both sides of the road.

TURN LEFT onto the bridleway - a drive to Sternacre Farm at first. The southern end the old air station is now on your LHS with some evidence of the hard standings visible. Follow the grass track beyond the farm gate and buildings and the hedge on your right hand side (RHS). Note a post with double arrow markers, one pointing left and one ahead. KEEP AHEAD on the track as it continues past a wooden fingerpost with a hedgerow on your RHS. A short way further on note another marker post and information map for Otter Vale Walk. KEEP AHEAD on the bridleway (Angles Way). A short way further on, by a clump of trees with a pond in the middle, BEAR LEFT along the edge of the field as indicated Angles Way and footpath (do not continue ahead towards buildings). Keep up the field with a ditch on your RHS at first. KEEP AHEAD across tracks junction as indicated by blue arrow markers. Pass a house on your LHS then keep ahead on a metalled drive. As the drive bends hard right TURN LEFT onto a footpath as indicated by a green and white fingerpost.

Pass through a short section of trees to reach a clear track (possibly a former air station road) and note a marker post. This indicates that Angles Way turns right and a yellow arrow marker points to the footpath ahead. CONTINUE AHEAD across a large field in the direction of the arrow. When I walked the farmer had left clear tracks towards the largest tree in the hedgerow opposite. The footpath is probably a little to the left of here, so you need to look for a clear concrete track on the opposite side of the hedgerow (if you crossed to the largest tree as I did the concrete starts about 80 yards to the left beyond the end of the ditch)). Follow the concrete track almost certainly one of the former air station's runways - to the LHS of a post and rail fence. At the end of the concrete track, where it turns hard left, TURN RIGHT through a kissing gate to the LHS of a five bar farm gate.

Walk up a drive passing a house on your RHS then through another kissing gate beside a five bar wooden gate. Follow a drive past houses, then down to a road (B1062). Cross the road with care and TURN LEFT on the grass verge, passing Ye Olde Post Office B&B, the entrance to the Norfolk and Suffolk Aviation Museum and The Buck Inn. Follow a pavement until the road bears right, then CROSS THE ROAD to join a pavement on the opposite side, then TURN LEFT into Church Road. Continue on pavement then TURN LEFT into Abbey Road then return to Old Rectory Cottages via the churchyard.

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