A dog friendly walk from DogPeople

A dog-friendly walk from DogPeople
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Dunwich Forest Circular (easy options)

Hamish walked this route on his way to a dog friendly beach at Dunwich (where there are walk options including the Suffolk Coast Path). We started from a car park at grid reference TM 4615 7106 (on a bend on the road through the centre of the forest). Take a clear track out of the car park away from the road, passing a metal barrier type gate almost at once. At a multiple junction TAKE THE SECOND LEFT TRACK (not a hard first left). Follow the track as it soon descends then passes a bench dedicated to John Donovan on your right hand side and bears left. Some way further on, look for a marker post with a black arrow and bird symbol (Sandlings Walk) on your right hand side.

TURN RIGHT onto a clear grassy track. KEEP AHEAD at a post and rail fence as indicated by a yellow arrow marker and black arrow marker. Note further marker posts and pass buildings on you left hand side. TURN RIGHT beyond a information board for Westleton Heath Nature Reserve (this includes a map but does not show the car park we started from). Follow the track to the next information board then TURN RIGHT as indicated by black and yellow arrow markers. Keep ahead to soon pass an open area (field) close to your right hand side (do not turn left immediately after the information board). Keep ahead when a path turns off to your left part way up the field. 

TURN RIGHT at the top of the field through a post and rail fence as indicated by a black arrow marker (with the bird symbol). Follow the path through lines of gorse then to the left hand side of the right hand field when you reach a tree line (there is a footpath marker at the start of the right hand field but it is almost in the tree line). Leave the field in its bottom left hand corner then CROSS A FOOTBRIDGE and continue on the path uphill.

TURN RIGHT after a post and rail fence with a bench just beyond it (don’t follow the green and white finger post pointing left). After another 20 yards or so bear left as indicated by a wooden finger post on the right of the path (just beyond a post and rail fence). Follow a clear path over an open area towards woods (keeping ahead towards the trees when a path crosses). Continue ahead through the trees. TURN RIGHT at a cross tracks, and then LEFT at a T-junction to return to the car park (if you miss these two turns you’ll reach the road almost at its junction with the car park).

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