A dog friendly walk from DogPeople

A dog-friendly walk from DogPeople
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Tynron Doon 3.5 moderate

We walked this route during a stay at Trigony House Hotel by Closeburn, a Top Dog rated hotel, a short drive away - and was suggested by them.

If you would like to receive by e mail a free GPX file (track converted from the trail we walked) produced by our Satmap Active 10 GPS please contact us quoting GPX Tyron – but note the route is only our RETURN from the Doon (so you'll need to reverse this for the way up).  Please note this file is for personal use only and must not be further reproduced without our explicit permission.  Those wishing to use the file commercially should make their intentions clear when contacting us. Please note we can not guarantee this file will work successfully on any other GPS or that the data might be corrupted in transfer but we are confident, in most cases when it is loaded into a robust GPS, it will greatly assist navigation.

Park behind / beside the parish hall on the north west side of the road almost on the river bridge (by a telephone box when we walked).  NX 80594 92949.

From the car park turn left (away from the bridge) for a few metres then TURN LEFT on a metalled lane marked as a no through road and public path to Tynron Doon 1½  miles.  Keep ahead on the lane after the last bungalows and metalling stops (with a burial ground on your right hand side).  Bend hard right as the track climbs and passes a bench dedicated to Choo Campbell.  Just beyond the bench the main track forks left with a lower less well made track forking right (as indicated by yellow footpath markers on a post).  FORK RIGHT and take the lower track.

The track soon runs along the bottom of the wood providing views over Tynron and its Kirk, then passes a small waterfall on your left.  A short way further on look for a left hand track going uphill as indicated by a yellow arrow marker.  TURN LEFT and follow the track as it starts climb.  A field is soon beyond a wall on you right hand side and the first of the more distant views are available.  At the top of the track go through a metal kissing gate into a field.  

Follow a clear track ahead across the field (there were sheep here when we walked so Hamish would have been back on his lead).  Go through another metal kissing gate besides a field gate then BEAR RIGHT as indicated by a yellow arrow marker towards a further gate (crossing a burn en-route).    

Go through this final gate.  When we walked the next section was a bit boggy and the path indistinct after a few yards.  Aim for the dip between the hills in front of you.  From the summit of the dip you'll be turning right for Tynron Doon.  We walked past an old butler sink being used as a drinking trough near the top of the dip.

TURN RIGHT aiming for the top of Tynron Doon.  The final climb over the earthworks of the old fort will be easier if you approach via the gate on the right hand flank of the hill as you reach the earthworks.  From the top there are great views in almost every direction.

Return via the same route – taking care to aim for the corner of the wood rather than being seduced further left down to the road (if you do go this way you'll need to turn right on the road when you reach it).

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