A dog friendly walk from DogPeople

A dog-friendly walk from DogPeople
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Withypool Circular - Exmoor (1.5 miles easy)

Withypool is north west of Dulverton and about 1 mile west of the B3223. TA24 7QP

This circular walk starts from the public car park near to the road bridge over the River Barle in the village of Withypool (grid reference SS 8444 3539).  For a longer route do the Withypool river walk first then pick up this route at the pub from the * below. Hamish did this walk when he was recuperating from his first cruciate ligament operation.

Leave car park via small gate into picnic area.  Follow footpath along river. TURN RIGHT to reach road bridge. TURN LEFT over bridge and follow road past toilets on right hand side (RHS) to reach Royal Oak public house (SS 8469 3557). 

TURN LEFT up lane*, just before the Royal Oak.  Take LEFT HAND fork marked 'no through road for vehicles' and to Westaclose Self Catering Cottages. Continue uphill past house on RHS with marked footpath just beyond it. 

As road levels and just before drive to house on left hand side (LHS), TURN LEFT onto footpath (Two Moors Way) marked to Withypool (SS 8414 3596). Go over stile with dog paddle (Hamish lifted as it was too much of a squeeze with his poorly leg). Follow path down through a narrow field keeping house and barns on your RHS. 

Go ahead through gate beside stile then pass marker post to reach another stile and gate. Keep to the LHS of next field and pass through small gate besides stile (not larger gate to RHS of field).  Follow path noting footpath sign to Follows Hedge. 

Ahead through gate making double sure to close it as requested, beside green corrugated garage to reach metalled lane. TURN LEFT, then down step and gully footpath to reach 'main' road. TURN RIGHT back over bridge and go through gate beside cattle grid to reach car park.

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