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A dog-friendly walk from DogPeople
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Carn Ingli, near Newport , Pembrokeshire

This is a circular high level walk - most of the height gain is by road on the approach to the recommended car park! The walk starts in a forest section where Hamish was 'off the lead' and then onto open moorland 'on the lead' due to sheep. Although it is high level there are no sheer drops, unless you climb around the rocks at Carn Ingli (optional). On a clear day there will be spectacular views over Newport and the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park . However, Hamish walked it on a wet day and visibility was down to 50 metres at times. If visibility is doubtful we recommend taking a compass.

Start from a car park at Bedd Morris (Grid reference SN 0385 3642) situated on a minor road about 2 miles south west of Newport .

Leave car park onto road then through gate beside cattle grid. TURN LEFT through double gate by stile onto stone track towards trees. Follow track as it bends (south easterly direction) to a fence line with a stile and a gate. There was an information notice and map here headed Penlan about the forest (but these maybe temporary as there were forestry operations in progress when Hamish walked). The route we took was shown on the map, into the wood, then left, then left again out onto the moorland.

GO AHEAD onto a clear path (generally south east) through a wide area of felled trees. Part way across a more open area (where there would probably have been good views!) you reach a T-junction with a path on the left hand side. The footpath follows the remains of an earth and stone wall and was marked by a post and yellow arrow marker (there is also a yellow arrow marker painted on one of the stones pointing in the direction travelled so far).

TURN LEFT and follow the inside of the 'wall' towards the trees. Cross the 'wall' into a dense coniferous wood. After a short distance TURN LEFT onto a wider footpath reached at a T-junction, there was also a marker post and information board here. FOLLOW THE PATH UPHILL through more trees passing a small sign asking for dogs to be kept on leads (though we couldn't see a reason so maybe this is left over from earlier Forestry work?).

Soon afterwards take a left, then right dog-leg to continue in broadly the same direction but up the opposite side of another earth and stone bank. Pass through a short section of gorse, then more trees before passing between the trees and a fence to reach a stile. There was no way round this so Hamish had to be lifted. CROSS STILE AND CONTINUE AHEAD keeping a fence on the right, through a heath land type area of heather and gorse. TURN RIGHT WHEN FENCE DOES then keep ahead on a clear path with the fence on your right.

CONTINUE AHEAD when a footpath crosses the fence via a stile towards Carn Edward (there are good views from here as even we caught a glimpse!). CONTINUE MORE OR LESS AHEAD , slightly left and uphill, when the fence line turns hard right. At a fork in the path TAKE THE RIGHT FORK TOWARDS CARN INGLI (SN 0613 3709, about 2.5 miles from start), the rocky ridge to the right - that would have been visible for ages on a half decent day! Explore the rocks and the 'head' or summit as much as you desire. A lay-line is reputed to pass near here so you may notice some disturbance on your compass if you are carrying one.

LEAVE THE ROCKS NEAR THEIR SOUTH END (the end first reached) on a sheep path heading in a WESTERLY DIRECTION . The path we used was crossed on a number of occasions before reaching two or three substantial stones by the left of the path. We TURNED RIGHT, UPHILL , by these to reach Carn Briw (cairn like large pile of stones) in the centre of Carningli Common. On a clear it would be easy to walk to this point.

TURN LEFT downhill (south west -that's roughly diagonally left if you have the cairn behind you and Carn Ingli behind that) onto a sheep track / footpath. There are numerous paths crossing this area so it is important to keep broadly south west for the first half mile or so, then go more south. THE OBJECTIVE IS TO REGAIN THE FENCE LINE NEAR CARN EDWARD - again easy on a clear day! On reaching Carn Edward TURN RIGHT along the fence line (i.e. retracing your steps).

When the fence turns hard left TAKE A DIAGONALLY LEFT PATH (not hard left along the fence line or straight ahead). AT FORK TAKE DIAGONAL LEFT PATH towards fence line. AT FENCE TURN RIGHT to follow fence (on your left) slightly uphill at first. When fence turns left CONTINUE AHEAD just right of the remains of a bank. Pass through a short boggy section then along the bank before crossing to the left of the bank. Follow the bank back to the car park.

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