A dog friendly walk from DogPeople

A dog-friendly walk from DogPeople
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Stonehaugh Circular

This route follows a number of forest tracks, a short section of The Pennine Way, a bridleway and short sections of very quiet lane.  The going is mostly good and easy but sections of the Pennine Way and bridleway were wet and boggy when we walked. Hamish was ‘off the lead’ for the majority of this walk except on road sections or where there were animals in fields.

The route starts from Warks Burn Forest Walks car park and picnic area just to the east of Stonehaugh (grid reference NY 7889 7617).  Leave the car park using the short ‘orange’ route – away from the road, close to the burn and towards a footbridge.  Cross the bridge then continue up a path signed as the orange route.  Keep to this path through the remains of a dry stone wall to reach a minor, ‘green’, track.  Turn right on the track (you’ll see a gate if you look left) – still marked as the orange trail.  Turn left on a more major and semi made track – do not follow the orange route ahead / right.

The track climbs a little; keep left at a fork towards a dry stone wall (don’t take the right more uphill option).  Continue ahead beyond the dry stone wall, then through a right hand bend (don’t take a ‘green’ track going off to the left), then pass a gate to reach a metalled lane.

Turn left along the lane and follow it gradually uphill.  Just before the brow of the hill turn right onto a semi made forest track.  Pass a red and white metal gate.  The track climbs a little and soon reaches a wall on your left hand side (LHS) with a field beyond.  Keep ahead after the wall, then through a left hand bend, then up and round a right bend.  Keep to the main track as you reach a more open area on your LHS with a burn valley on the left (we saw a deer here – Hamish didn’t but he was following scent trails for sometime afterwards and needed careful watching).  

Turn left at a tracks junction and cross a concrete bridge over the burn (Middle Burn – NY 7829 7442).  Go uphill a short distance to reach a cross tracks.  Turn left to follow the top of the burn’s valley (now on your LHS).  As the track climbs a little (with trees on your right hand side – RHS) the views to your front / left (north) open.  When we walked we could see snow on The Cheviots in the far distance.  Keep to the track as it passes fields and farm buildings on your left, then bends right.  Shortly after the bend fork right, uphill at a triangle junction.  Follow the track up to a t-junction then turn left uphill at first.  Soon after the track starts to descend turn left onto The Pennine Way (note double finger post marker on the RHS of the track).  Follow the path downhill (wet when we walked), then ahead across a track. Go ahead into a field after a stile (Hamish used the gate on its LHS).  Cross the field, keeping to its RHS, to reach a metalled lane via a gate or stile (we used both – Hamish went through the gate but, as there was 6 inches of water under it we used the stile – the field had been boggy in places too).

Go ahead directly across the lane and through a five bar wooden gate marked as a bridleway (do not follow The Pennine Way right along the lane).  Keep close to a dry stone wall on your RHS – sections of the field were very wet when we walked.  At the end of the wall turn right through a gate marked as a bridleway.  Follow a clear track to a metalled lane.

Turn left on the lane and follow it downhill past ‘Stonehaugh’, Kielder Forest’ and ‘National Parks’ signs.  Pass the houses of the village on your RHS then drop down over the bridge to return to the car park and picnic area.

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