A dog friendly walk from DogPeople

A dog-friendly walk from DogPeople
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Haydon Bridge Circular

When we walked the Haydon Bridge (A69) by-pass was under construction and we found a footpath closed when we reached the site, we recommend you do not use this route until the works are complete (footpath closure extended until 18 August 08 or when the works are completed).

The route starts from John Martin Street on south east side of Haydon Bridge (grid reference NY 8453 6418). On street parking is available near the public toilets. Walk back towards the main road and river bridge but turn right into Whittis Row before you reach them, then ahead into Whittis Road. Follow the road uphill with a stream on your left hand side (LHS). Near the top of the hill the road bends right just past Whittis Crescent. Turn left here between houses and join a footpath that runs to the right hand side (RHS) of a wooden fence.

Follow the footpath along the fence line then cross a footbridge over the stream. Keep ahead on the path as it climbs the opposite side of the valley near a wire fence at first (do not take a less obvious path right along the bank of the stream). At the top of the valley a field is on your left with views back over the South Tyne Valley. This is where we encountered the footpath closed by a cutting for the new road. Hopefully a bridge will be built once the works are complete. We had to divert around the works but you should be able to continue ahead to reach the existing A686 road via another short wooded section (we will welcome any update on this once the works are complete please contact us via e mail  if you can).

Cross the A road with care directly ahead onto a metalled lane signed to Threepwood ½ mile. Follow the lane steadily uphill - there will be good views behind you if you need to take a rest. Follow the lane as it bends first right then left in front of a farm at the top of the hill.

Turn right at a T-junction with a track (byway). Follow the byway slightly uphill as is passes between a wall and fences (do not go through any of the gates near the farm buildings). Good views are now available to your right (north) so you won't have missed anything if you didn't stop whilst climbing the lane. Keep ahead when a footpath, signed to Haydon Bridge and as The John Martin Heritage Trail, turns right. Go ahead through a five bar wooden gate and cross the field to another gate (please take care with the gates and keep an eye on your dog, there were lambs in this field when we walked so Hamish was on his lead). Go through the next gate then turn left keeping the wall and a row of telegraph poles on your LHS. Go ahead through the next gate, now with the wall and poles on your RHS. Go ahead through a six bar metal gate then ahead through the next gate into a wood. Follow the byway down through the wood until it reaches a road just beyond the entrance to Langley Castle Hotel (there's an information board about the castle just before you reach the A686 road).

Turn right on the road, taking care, and keeping to the right for a short distance until you reach a bridge. Cross the road with care as you reach it (just before a right hand bend) to use a short section of pavement over the bridge, then keep left under some pine trees to reach a metalled lane, then turn left away from the A road (the lane is signed to West Deanraw 1 mile). Follow the lane around a right hand bend in front of farm buildings (Castle Farm) then, as it bends left keep ahead on a byway marked to Westlands End ½ mile. Follow the byway downhill to reach a metalled lane.

Turn right downhill on the lane. When we walked the bypass was still under construction and we walked across the route. It seemed likely this lane would pass under the new road when it is complete. Just as you pass a caravan park close to the river on your LHS the lane climbs a little. Here, on the RHS, is Eastland End, birthplace of the artist John Martin, and another information board. Keep ahead until you reach a T-junction (the lane you have been walking along is Land End Road). Turn left to return to the start (John Martin Road) which begins just after you pass the old road bridge on your LHS. The bridge is now for pedestrian use only and takes you into Haydon Bridge if you wish to divert to the General Havelock Inn, dogs are welcome in the bar or on the riverside terrace.

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