A dog friendly walk from DogPeople

A dog-friendly walk from DogPeople
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Bacton Woods (easy options)

Hamish visited in July 2008 during the recovery period after his second cruciate ligament knee operation. The car park and picnic area is situated at grid reference 3170 3120 (about 2 ½ miles north east of North Walsham). It equipped with plenty of parking spaces, picnic tables and an information point. When we walked the information included map leaflets of the woods (which are managed by The Forestry Commission in partnership with North Norfolk District Council.

There are a number of walk options, including three colour coded way marked routes. Hamish followed the red (2 mile) trail. The others are yellow (1.3 miles) and blue (2.5 miles).

The woods are well served by wide and easy to follow tracks. The way marked routes use lesser paths in places – and we had to watch carefully for marker posts at one point. There's a good mix of trees – deciduous as well as the more recently planted coniferous varieties often in 'modern' woods. The red and yellow routes pass 'The Grandparent Sessile Oak' – a very mature and impressive tree!

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