A dog friendly walk from DogPeople

A dog-friendly walk from DogPeople
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Challock circular via Kings Wood and Perry Wood (12 moderate)

Hamish walked this route with his regular monthly walking pals. Tia, his best canine friend, walked the second half only. We parked in Challock Village Hall car park in Blind Lane (off the A251 just South East of its junction with the A252 grid reference TR 0108 5052). Leave the car park at the Challock Memorial Hall end. Turn diagonally left across the playing field aiming for a gap in the hedge opposite by silver birch trees. If games are in progress go round the field! Go through gap to reach pavement along A251. TURN RIGHT along the pavement. CROSS ROAD WITH CARE at 40 mile per hour sign where the pavement switches to opposite side of road. Go ahead past Tollgate Cottage (on opposite side of road). After another 100 metres or so TURN LEFT through metal barrier towards Forestry Commission Forest Office. Pass office on its left hand side then follow main track as it bears first right then left past communications tower on your left hand side.

Follow track down through wood and then as it bears hard right at the bottom of the hill. Just before the track bears hard right again, and as green track joins from the right hand side, GO AHEAD INTO WOOD ON FOOTPATH (we couldn't see a marker). The entrance to the path was by a patch of silver birch trees. Go ahead on the path with more mature beech trees on the left and a field beyond about 100 metres away. Follow path through wood. As the path emerges from the wood pass through 5 bar metal gate to the left hand side of a stable block. CONTINUE AHEAD keeping the stables on your right hand side. Go through the post and rail barrier in front of house (Oathill Farm) , then though another post and rail barrier . CONTINUE AHEAD across metalled drive onto a track. Keep ahead with paddock on your right hand side and post and rail fence on your left.

CONTINUE AHEAD through wooden gate to reach forest cross tracks. TURN LEFT onto the forest track. CONTINUE AHEAD at cross tracks going uphill (stone track to right - green track to left). After track levels keep ahead. At cross tracks CONTINUE AHEAD down into a dip then up the opposite side (ignore green lane on left). As track descends TURN LEFT at cross tracks passing a pond on your right hand almost as soon as you do so (might not have water in it in the summer!). CONTINUE AHEAD past a vehicle turning area then follow track around a right hand bend. Pass metal barrier at top of hill then, after another 20 metres, TURN LEFT onto track (North Downs Way [NDW]).

A short distance along this track you should get good views of the Wye Downs on your right hand side - weather permitting! CONTINUE AHEAD past a metal barrier as the track reaches a more wooded area. CONTINUE AHEAD past a 'Kings Wood' Forestry Commission sign for travellers in the opposite direction. A few metres further on note arrow markers on post. Just beyond this take a LEFT HAND FORK onto a footpath away from the NDW (note stile on the right of the NDW at this point). CONTINUE AHEAD on this path down through the wood to reach a more major path / track T-Junction. TURN LEFT on this track (it was deeply rutted when we walked). Pass hollow beech tree on your right hand side then continue downhill as fence joins on your right hand side. TURN LEFT onto a footpath marked by yellow tape on a marker post (red arrow markers pointing along the track you are now about to leave) .

CONTINUE AHEAD keeping to the top of the field with woods on your left aiming towards an oast house. CONTINUE AHEAD over a stile or go through a gate cum fence on its right hand side (NOTE - IF YOU UNDO THE GATE YOU MUST SECURE IT PROPERLY BEFORE YOU LEAVE IT). Part way across field bear right away from farm buildings to reach a stile with a gate beside it (NOTE - IF YOU UNDO THE GATE YOU MUST SECURE IT PROPERLY BEFORE YOU LEAVE IT).

CONTINUE MORE-OR-LESS AHEAD on a metalled drive towards the A252. Turn Right along the grass verge for a short distance the CROSS WITH CARE to join a byway (marked by a green and white finger post) running almost parallel with the left hand side of the road at first then bearing left uphill towards trees.

CONTINUE AHEAD on byway as it bends uphill through the edge of the wood, sometimes with fields on the right and some of the time with fields on the left. On a couple of occasions the views are good over the open ground. CONTINUE AHEAD as byway becomes a metalled lane past Chequers Farm, then under a line of pylons to reach a lane T-Junction. TURN RIGHT and follow lane past 'Primitive Methodist Chapel (1875)' on your left hand side, then through left hand bend to reach lanes cross-roads. CONTINUE AHEAD into Goldups Lane (signposted to Selling and Baddlesmere). After 100 metres or so, just after the farm buildings on the left, TURN RIGHT onto a footpath along a field edge. The path is marked by a concrete marker in the hedge besides the lane. Keep ahead - not through a wooden gate slightly right - keeping a field with posts on your left (soon to become an orchard?) and a fence and tree wind break on you right.

In top right hand corner of field / orchard go through gap in the hedge into wood. TURN LEFT for a few metres to reach a stile at the junction of two fields / orchards. TURN RIGHT uphill through the trees (i.e. away from the stile). After about 50 metres TURN LEFT onto a bridleway (a broad track in the woods). CONTINUE AHEAD on this track as it skirts the hill on your right hand side (The Mount - once the site of an Admiralty Semaphore Station and worth a diversion for the views if you have time). CONTINUE AHEAD past blue arrow markers towards a house. Pass the house on your right hand side then , as you reach its drive, bear left downhill to reach a pub.

TURN LEFT onto the metalled lane just past the pub. After 10 or 20 metres TURN RIGHT onto a bridleway marker with a concrete sign and wooden finger post into Perrywood. Some sections of the bridleway were muddy, especially the sunken areas, but most could be walked on paths higher up in the wood. CONTINUE AHEAD at cross-paths to reach a metalled lane. TURN LEFT and follow lane to T-Junction passing a footpath leaving to the right at Grove House, then another leaving to the left at the end of the houses. TURN RIGHT at the T-Junction signposted to Selling and Faversham. After a short distance, just after Shepherds Hill Cottages TURN LEFT onto a footpath across a field as indicated by a green and white finger post.

CROSS THE FIELD DIAGONALLY LEFT towards a patch of trees (more-or-less as indicated by the finger post). Descend to a low stile - Tia jumped it with ease but Hamish preferred to scramble under. CONTINUE AHEAD through a ribbon of trees then over a stile into a field (both Tia and Hamish scrambled under the wire on its right hand side). TURN LEFT along a track just away from the tree line. As a track leaves diagonally to the right look for a post just left of the track. AIM FOR THE POST then pass it towards a gate in the fence line. CONTINUE AHEAD through gate passing a sheep fold on its right. CONTINUE AHEAD through valley bottom to reach a metalled lane via double wooden gate.

TURN LEFT on lane (Fisher Street Road - Roman connections?) for about 20 metres then right onto a bridleway marked by a green and white finger post and concrete sign (in other words more-or-less ahead from valley bottom. CONTINUE AHEAD keeping close to the woodland on your left hand side. As the valley bears right and another path / valley joins from the left CONTINUE AHEAD towards a conifer wood passing an oak as you go. CONTINUE AHEAD past a marker post with a blue arrow for our route and a yellow arrow pointing along the left hand valley. Follow the bridleway slightly uphill diverting into wood edge to avoid muddy sections as necessary. Ahead through pedestrian wooden gate besides farm gate (marked Lees Court Estate).

TURN RIGHT along lane to reach T-Junction by house. TURN LEFT the IMMEDIATELY RIGHT ONTO FOOTPATH marked by a green and white finger post. CONTINUE MORE-OR-LESS AHEAD then through a gap in the hedge on the opposite side of the field. Cross metalled drive by Dryland Farm then CONTINUE MORE-OR-LESS AHEAD across next field aiming just left of the building diagonally opposite. TURN RIGHT on metalled lane as you reach it, quickly passing a house and barns (Pontus). At T-Junction CONTINUE MORE-OR-LESS AHEAD onto footpath marked by a green and white finger post via a metal barrier (left signposted Molash and Challock right towards Howletts and byway). Keep close to a fence at first then bear left by a hedge then across a short gap to reach a tree line. Keep the trees on your left hand side having climbed slightly to reach them.

As the tree line / hedge bears left note a telegraph pole in the field. TURN RIGHT to cross the field close to the telegraph pole (note yellow arrow marker on it as you pass). TURN RIGHT on metalled lane (Pested Lane). Shortly after Medway House on your right hand side TURN LEFT at lanes T-Junction. CROSS MORE-OR-LESS AHEAD onto short track at junction with A251 - TAKE CARE this road can be busy at times (note 40mph and Challock signs on left) . CONTINUE AHEAD on the track (concrete marker by road) with bungalow on left to reach field. TURN DIAGONALLY LEFT across field - slightly uphill at first. As the field levels a row of telegraph poles come into view and the tree line beyond. You are aiming for a gap in the tree line before the field descends into a dip - make sure you keep going diagonally across the field, roughly between the 4th and 5th poles.

Enter the tree line by a yellow arrow marker the CONTINUE AHEAD across a track onto a footpath with a fence on the right hand side. Follow the path with woods on your right hand side and a field, then gardens on your left. As you reach a wooden garden fence, then a beech hedge, make sure you have your dog under control - the A252 is only a short distance ahead. CROSS THE ROAD WITH CARE then directly ahead into Church Lane. At road junction, with public house on left, TURN LEFT into Blind Lane to reach the car park passing a playground road sign on the way.

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