A dog friendly walk from DogPeople

A dog-friendly walk from DogPeople
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Boughton under Blean and Old Wives Lees Circular (8 moderate) - GPX BuB and OWL

111 The Street Boughton Faversham Kent ME13 9BH

If you would like to receive by e mail a free GPX file (track converted from the trail we walked) produced by our Satmap Active 10 GPS please contact us quoting GPX BuB and OWL. Please note this file is for personal use only and must not be further reproduced without our explicit permission. Those wishing to use the file commercially should make their intentions clear when contacting us. Please note we can not guarantee this file will work successfully on any other GPS or that the data might be corrupted in transfer but we are confident, in most cases when it is loaded into a robust GPS, it will greatly assist navigation.

Please note sections of this walk can be very muddy. If you and your dog are not prepared for this we suggest leaving this route until the weather has been dry for some time.

The walk starts at The Queen's Head on The Street. Patrons are welcome to park on the pub's car park but this can be busy at weekends. Alternative on street parking is available nearby with care. From The Queen's Head turn left along The Street (towards Faversham). Keep to the left hand pavement until, just opposite The White Horse, TURN LEFT on a footpath marked by a green and white finger post just beyond a half timbered house. Follow the path downhill, then across a footbridge over the A2 road. Keep to the tarmac path past a row of houses to reach a metalled lane.

TURN LEFT on the lane and follow it a considerable distance - don't bear left after a hundred yards or so into a no through road. Keep ahead on the lane until you reach a tree line, two footpath markers on your RHS.

TURN RIGHT and go through a gap into a field (this is about a 90 degree turn). Keep to the right hand side (RHS) of the field with the tree line on your RHS. Go ahead through a wooden gate onto a golf course (note caution sign for walkers - keep your dogs under close control - especially if they like golf balls!). Keep ahead across the fairway, then through a gap in the trees on the opposite side. Keep ahead as indicated by an arrow marker, then keep close to a tree line on your RHS. Near the top of the hill bear a little left, away from the trees, as indicated by a yellow arrow marker, then keep to the RHS of the fairway, then to the right of number 5 tee to reach a gate behind it (i.e. diagonally to your left as you started to leave the tree line).

Go AHEAD through the wooden kissing gate, with a yellow arrow marker, into a field (leaving the golf course). Keep to the left hand side (LHS) of the field close to a tree line. At the top left hand corner of the field join a footpath enclosed by fences, passing a tennis court on your LHS, to reach a metalled lane. TURN RIGHT on the lane and follow it through South Street to reach a T-junction.

TURN RIGHT on the slightly larger lane then, after 80 yards or so, LEFT onto a track marked as a footpath by a green and white finger post (just beyond an old fashioned red 'phone box). After another 100 yards or so TURN LEFT at a cross tracks (there's a house a short way to the right at the junction). Follow the clear track with fields on your LHS and orchard on the RHS at first. Pass around a six bar metal gate just before houses and a metalled lane.

TURN RIGHT along lane (Oversland) and follow it past houses. TURN LEFT onto a footpath as indicated by a green and white finger post attached to the supports of a height sign for a railway bridge (if you reach the bridge you've gone too far).

Follow the path to the RHS of a row of trees almost as soon as you leave the lane (with an orchard on your RHS and the railway line beyond). Keep the trees on your LHS, then, when they end, keep ahead across the orchard on a wide track , slightly uphill aiming to the left of a house at the top. KEEP AHEAD on an enclosed footpath in the top left hand corner of the orchard - to the left of the house.

Go ahead to reach a metalled lane. TURN LEFT on the lane then IMMEDIATELY RIGHT on to a wide track / drive marked as a public footpath by a green and white finger post (i.e. almost straight across).

KEEP LEFT at a fork in the tracks, then ahead through kissing gate by a five bar wooden gate (with yellow arrow markers on a post). NOTE a wooden gate (Kent Wildlife Trust) on your LHS a short way further on. A short way further on look for a track / path forking right - this is marked by a wooden post with a slightly confusing direction arrow - leave the track and follow the path). TURN RIGHT onto the path and follow it through woods then across a small field to reach an orchard. KEEP AHEAD along the LHS side of the orchard (with woods on your LHS).

TURN RIGHT on a track towards farm buildings as indicated by a yellow arrow marker on a post. Go ahead on the track between buildings to reach a metalled lane (Upper Ensign House at grid reference TR 0669 5596).

There are two stiles with dog paddles ahead. If you can't manage these follow the italicized section below.

TURN LEFT along the lane - TAKE CARE as this section of lane is used by some traffic. TURN LEFT at the first lane junction and follow the quieter lane until you reach Lower Ensden Farm (the first buildings). TURN LEFT, between the white and black farm building and the farm house, onto a bridleway as indicated by a green and white finger post - then follow from ## below).

For the main route

CROSS THE LANE then go AHEAD into a field over a stile with a dog paddle on its LHS (note wooden footpath finger post). Keep ahead across the field passing just right of a large tree, then ahead over another stile with a dog paddle (by a locked gate). Keep ahead along the LHS of a field to reach a metalled lane by a white weather-boarded house on your RHS. Follow the lane to a junction with another road (passing a pretty thatched cottage on your RHS just after the weather-boarded house).

At the road junction TURN RIGHT (more-or-less ahead) uphill - TAKE CARE as there is a short section without a pavement. Keep ahead using the pavement on the LHS of the road as soon as it starts (opposite a right hand turn - New Forest Lane). Keep ahead into Old Wives Leas through the 30mph signs. At cross roads - just past a pub (not open when we walked) - TURN FIRST LEFT into Green Lane (a cul-de-sac).

Keep ahead to the end of the road, then into a play area (dog scoop bin at end of lane). Follow the footpath along the RHS of the play area as indicated by a green and white footpath sign.

Keep to the path as it leaves the right hand corner of the play area. You may decide to walk part of the way through an orchard on your RHS - some people seem to have done if the path becomes overgrown. After the enclosed section of path keep ahead with a tree line on your left, then ahead again when the path again runs between tree lines.

TURN LEFT as the path joins a metalled lane then after 80 yards or so TURN RIGHT onto a metalled drive into Lower Ensden Farm (as indicated by a green and white bridleway finger post).

## (This is where the short cut rejoins) Follow a clear track past converted Oast Houses on your RHS and an old quarry on your LHS, then across a field and over a railway bridge (Selling Tunnel to the LHS).

As the track bends right (towards a private woods sign) KEEP AHEAD past a large metal gate on an indistinct (at first) path towards the woods (i.e. turn off the track). After a short distance, as you enter the woods, the way becomes clearer. Keep to the main path generally up hill, following occasional blue arrow markers (mostly faded to white). KEEP AHEAD when you reach with a fence on your LHS (don't go through the wooden gate through the fence) until you reach a metal gate across a track with a blue arrow marker.

Go ahead through the gate and TURN IMMEDIATELY RIGHT, keeping to the RHS side of the field. The route of the bridleway is unclear at this point but following the field edge connects to another footpath. In the corner of the field TURN LEFT to follow the field edge, now with a fence and tree line on your RHS (note a kissing gate leading into the wood as you turn in the corner of the field). Go through a metal kissing gate to reach a broad - but often muddy - track.

TURN RIGHT on the track, then after several hundred yards, AHEAD through a metal kissing gate besides a seven bar metal farm gate. Keep ahead on the track (don't bear right to a field through the tree line). After another 100 yards or so TURN LEFT onto a path marked by a yellow arrow marker and follow it down through a wood. Near the bottom of the wood, where the path runs close to a field on your RHS, keep ahead with a post and rail fence on your RHS and a stream valley on your LHS, and then follow a track towards houses. Pass around a double metal gate to reach a metalled lane.

TURN RIGHT on the lane past a row of cottages (Iron Hill).

Follow the lane to its end, then keep ahead up steps, through an underpass of the A2, then down the steps on the opposite road to reach another metalled lane (and houses). KEEP AHEAD to a road junction, then AHEAD again into a no through road (Woodside). Keep ahead using the pavement on the LHS until it ends, then ahead again to the top of the road.

TURN LEFT onto a foot path marked by a green and white finger post (by a lamp post). Follow the path a short way, then up steps to reach the main road (old A2).

TURN LEFT towards the village and follow the pavement on the RHS of the road (having crossed it WITH CARE). KEEP AHEAD over Staplestreet Road. Keep ahead past the 30mph sign and garage on your LHS (when we walked there were plans to extend the 30mph section - so you may not see this sign) before reaching The Queen's Head on your left hand side - time for a dog friendly drink and something to eat.

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