A dog friendly walk from DogPeople

A dog-friendly walk from DogPeople
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Loch of Lintrathen (options easy)

Loch of Lintrathen

Hamish walked this 'there and back' route on his way for a day out whilst staying at a dog friendly holiday cottage in Scotland. We parked near the north end of the loch on its west side we used a lay by in front of an open farm gate to small fenced area … possibly intended as a car park.
The area is a wildlife reserve managed in partnership with Scottish Water.  As such dogs should be kept under close control, especially during the breeding season.
Go through a wooden gate and note a couple of information boards (neither of which mentioned dogs when we walked).  Follow a clear track away from the road.  After some distance, TURN LEFT and cross a bridge towards the loch side.  There is a hut almost ahead near the loch side and a more substantial hide with information boards a little further through the woods to the right.
Hamish went only as far as the hide before retracing his steps back to the start.

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