A dog friendly walk from DogPeople

A dog-friendly walk from DogPeople
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Seaford circular via Seaford Head and The Cuckmere Valley (5 easy)

21 Sutton Park Road Seaford BN25 1RH

Hamish walked this route whilst staying in Seaford in Warwick Road. The directions start from here - but the seafront would be an alternative.

TURN RIGHT on leaving The Silverdale (a former customer) and cross Warwick Road. TURN LEFT across Sutton Park Road via the pelican crossing, then TURN RIGHT. At the first junction Turn LEFT into Broad Street then keep ahead at cross roads into Saxon Lane. KEEP MORE-OR-LESS ahead at the next cross roads into College Road. Keep ahead and reach a green with dog waste bin then aim for the sea front by a Martello Tower.

On reaching the promenade TURN LEFT. Follow the promenade in front of beach huts. At the end TURN LEFT to join a footpath (Vanguard Way) and follow it uphill to the cliff top. Keep to the right of the golf course and near the cliff edge on your right. Note occasional marker post and take care of both golf balls and the drops!

Go through a wooden gate at the end of the golf course. The path starts to descend with a broad path ahead in the bottom of the valley. Follow a LESSER PATH on the LEFT HAND shoulder of the valley, near a fence line. Go through a gate BEAR RIGHT then turn RIGHT on track after 20 - 30 metres. TURN LEFT over a stile (the fence beside the stile is held in place by a chain that can be loosened to allow a dog through - make sure you fasten it securely). Follow the path close to a fence on your left hand side at first, then downhill by a marker post (a little to the right).

Follow the path downhill to reach a stile - Hamish went under and there is another (more complicated) chain arrangement if you need to use it. TURN LEFT on an enclosed track. Go through a gate with arrow markers pointing ahead and right. At this point you have options - Hamish went ahead to pass the Golden Galleon and reach the road. Here he turned right then crossed the road by a junction to enter Friston Forest at the visitor centre. There he completed a 'lap' before returning to this point.

For the basic walk TURN LEFT through a gate to join a fenced track (obviously - this will be a right turn if you've done Hamish's extension!). Go ahead through a gate. At t-junction go through gate then TURN LEFT. TURN RIGHT through gateway after another 50 metres and join another fenced track. Follow track past houses to reach a bridleway. TURN RIGHT then after 20 metres TURN LEFT onto a short pathway by a marker post to reach Barcombe Avenue.

Follow the road passing closes on right and through a left hand bend to reach a t-junction. TURN RIGHT into Cuckmere Road - keep ahead when this becomes un-made (i.e. don't bear right with metalled road). TURN LEFT at t-junction by schools into Arundel Road. TURN RIGHT at next junction into Chyngton Road - the golf course is now on your left. KEEP AHEAD at cross roads near the end of the golf course. KEEP AHEAD at next cross roads into Bramber Road. KEEP AHEAD at end of road onto a wide footpath with staggered railings.

TURN RIGHT through gate in wall to pass a Bowling Green on your right hand side then TURN LEFT on path and follow it under arches and through gardens into East Street. TURN RIGHT and follow East Street back to Sutton Park Road and The Silverdale. (If you started at the seafront turn left and follow your nose).

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