A dog friendly walk from DogPeople

A dog-friendly walk from DogPeople
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Glynde Circular via Bo Peep Car Park, South Downs Way

Hamish and Tia walked this route with a group of humans.  We started from a car park in Glynde - just north of the river and railway station - at grid reference TQ 457 088.  There are public toilets at the car park.  This route could easily be walked from the railway station and is, therefore suitable for those without cars and those who prefer to leave them at home. 

From the car park TURN RIGHT and immediately cross the road bridge over the river.  KEEP AHEAD over the railway bridge by the station (obviously, if arriving by train ensure you start walking from the opposite side of the railway from the river).  Follow the road through the village keeping to the footpath on the right hand side (RHS). 

AT junction with A27 main road CROSS more-or-less ahead WITH EXTREME CAUTION (note pedestrian island a short distance to the RHS of the junction).  Once across go ahead into a lane marked as a no through road.  TURN LEFT on metalled lane marked 'Preston Court'.  At end of the lane continue more-or-less ahead to the left hand side (LHS) of house and the RHS of an old barn. 

GO AHEAD through a pair of metal gates (or over a stile by their RHS if your dog is agile enough) into a field. Keep close to the RHS of the field then AHEAD through a metal gate by a small stream.  Ahead across the next field then through a wooden pedestrian gate.  Ahead on a path between two much bigger fields aiming for a few trees with a barn beyond.  Join a rough track as it bears LEFT behind the barn then RIGHT as marked by a yellow arrow marker on a post to reach a metalled lane. 

At road junction CROSS MORE-OR-LESS AHEAD to reach Firle Place House.(note public footpath finger post to the left of the gates when you reach them).  Go ahead through the pedestrian gate on the LHS of the main gate (cattle grid on inside).  Keep ahead on a clear tarmac path / drive.  As the church and impressive house come into view on your RHS, and by a sign post pointing to the church, TURN LEFT across the grassed area aiming for a marker post besides a large fir or pine tree (note tower on hill in roughly the same direction but further on).  Follow a series of marker posts towards a house with a lane in front of it. 

Go ahead through a wooden gate to reach the lane by the house.  TURN RIGHT on lane then keep ahead as a track bears left (near a pond on your RHS).  TURN LEFT at a tracks T-Junction by wooden gates.  Follow the track as it bends left towards a pair of cottages (numbers 84 and 85) then bends right away from them.  Follow the lane for quite some distance as it gradually climbs with a hill on your RHS and good views to your LHS (if the weather is clear).  Pass a stone barn (go past a track to the left and a bridleway to the right just before the barn).  Pass a flint house and ahead to reach a metalled lane (house and barn conversions on opposite side).  

TURN RIGHT on the lane to pass Bo Peep Cottage (marked WH 1796) and gradually climb uphill through a series of bends - the views get better as you climb, mostly to your RHS, as far as The Ashdown Forest, Beacon Hill Crowborough and Heathfield if you are as lucky as we were.  As you reach Bo Peep Car Park on your LHS at the top of the hill go past its entrance then TURN RIGHT through a wooden gate with a blue arrow marker on its left hand post (South Downs Way Public Bridleway).  Continue ahead through a wooden pedestrian gate by a metal gate and follow a deeply rutted track along the top of the ridge - there are good views over Newhaven to the sea on your LHS and inland to your RHS.  Continue ahead to the LHS of a trig point then towards two communication masts in the middle distance.  Continue ahead through a wooden gate (access land marker on LH post).  At a marker post about 200 metres further on (access land sign and blue arrow marker pointing right) TURN RIGHT.  After a short distance, near the top of the ridge and at a wooden post, TURN LEFT and follow a clear path down the side of the hill.  Continue ahead through a wooden gate (by an old metal gate) into a field.  Part way along, on the LHS, note a wooden post with a blue arrow marker.  If the field ahead is muddy you can turn left here, through wooden gates, then immediately right to follow a path between the trees.  Alternatively keep ahead near the LHS of the field to reach a cross tracks via double wooden gates. 

TURN LEFT and follow a track with a field on your LHS and a flint stone wall on your RHS.  Keep ahead on a concrete drive towards a farm.  Continue ahead through double metal gates then ahead again when you reach a metalled lane (not right to the church).  Keep to the main path as it bears left in front of Firle Stores and Post Office.  Keep to the right of The Ram and its outbuildings and follow a path signed to Beddingham (1¾) and the cricket club.  Ahead to pass the cricket ground on your RHS then through a wooden kissing gate with a yellow arrow marker.  Ahead to reach a tarmac path then TURN LEFT (you are now back in the ground of Firle House and you walked this path in the opposite direction earlier).  Follow the path back to the gate-house and go through the pedestrian gate to reach the road junction. 

CROSS the road more-or-less ahead (signed to Glynde 1½) then follow the lane to reach the A27.  CROSS WITH EXTREME CARE USING THE PEDESTRIAN ISLAND to reach the pavement on the opposite side.  TURN LEFT and follow the A27 to reach a lane on your RHS.  TURN RIGHT onto the lane (shop on RHS).  Follow the lane with care as it bends and climbs (it is a small lane without a pavement but does have some traffic).  After the top of the hill the lane bends right and passes a terrace of flint houses to reach a road T-Junction.  Cross the road then TURN RIGHT on the pavement in front of The Trevor Arms.  Follow the road back over the railway bridge (station), then over the river bridge to reach the car park.

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