A dog friendly walk from DogPeople

A dog-friendly walk from DogPeople
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Lynmouth - Watersmeet return via Myrtleberry North Camp and Two Moors Way, Tarka's Trail (5 medium)

The route to Watersmeet is well known and used.  Leaflets are available locally.  Hamish started from a car park near the main road bridge (A 39) in Lynmouth (on the left hand side of the road coming from Porlock - i.e. on the landward side).

Leave the car park going upstream staying on its right hand side (RHS).  CONTINUE AHEAD past a concrete footbridge with white railings, down a few steps just after bridge.  CROSS NEXT FOOTBRIDGE (wooden) then TURN RIGHT to continue upstream on left hand side (LHS) of river in the direction of Watersmeet.  Keep close to river on main path ? but be ready for diversions away from the river later in the route.  Don't take left fork to Sparrows Walk and Countisbury.  Follow the path as it climbs away from river following a landslide (original path is fenced off).  The diversion gives a different view of the river but after a second diversion the path goes through woods so views of the river are lost for a while.  After the path levels out follow a sign for Watermeet down towards the river (not ahead to Arnolds Lynhay) - i.e. a RIGHT HAND FORK onto a footpath away from the more major path.  At next fork TURN RIGHT to riverside walk (not woodland walk).  Follow zigzag then CROSS footbridge.  

TURN LEFT and follow path upstream on the river's RHS. CONTINUE AHEAD over footbridge by house ('Myrtleberry'). CONTINUE AHEAD as path becomes a drive. CONTINUE AHEAD past concrete / stone bridge, staying on RHS of river.  CROSS two wooden bridges ? note waterfall by the first ? to reach tearooms, toilets etc. (we stopped for team and cakes).

When ready to continue RE-CROSS the two wooden bridges then TURN RIGHT to zigzag left and right following sign for LYNTON AND BARBROOK OVER THE CLEAVES.  Follow path to road - CROSS STRAIGHT OVER ROAD (TAKE CARE) - to join footpath on opposite side.  CONTINUE AHEAD and uphill on path to reach Myrtleberry North Camp (ancient site). CONTINUE AHEAD through middle of camp then up the hill (via clearly visible earth steps).  There are great views and conveniently placed benches on the way up the hill.

Follow a clear path as it bears right above the steps keeping the valley on your RHS - now aiming towards the coast.  CONTINUE AHEAD at signpost to Lynton and Lynmouth as you join another path.  After a stretch of trees superb views are available, on decent day, over the sea to Wales.  The path descends a little, then through two wooden gates.  Keep to the path as it zigzags down hill.  CROSS a footbridge then zigzag up again! (more convenient benches for those who need them).  CONTINUE AHEAD (keeping valley on your RHS) as the path from West Lyn and Barbrook joins from the LHS (still heading for Lynmouth).

As the path bears hard left with a view of Lynmouth Harbour TURN RIGHT signposted to Lynmouth towards a small headland (Oxen Tor).  Follow the path off the headland steadily down hill - don't take a path forking left and uphill.  Keep zigzagging down hill and pass a National Trust Watersmeet Estate sign - then CONTINUE AHEAD on public footpath to Lynmouth (a permitted path turns right here).  At T-junction TURN LEFT signposted to Lynmouth (permitted path re-joins here).  CONTINUE AHEAD on public footpath, as another permitted path leaves on the RHS, passing between stone walls.  CONTINUE AHEAD as permitted path rejoins from right.  When path joins a pavement by a road TURN LEFT then CROSS ROAD to return to the car park at the start of the walk. 

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