A dog friendly walk from DogPeople

A dog-friendly walk from DogPeople
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Tissington Trail and Dove Dale (10 easy)

We walked from The Peverill of the Peak Hotel , Thorpe (near Ashbourne) during a stay there (but, as they are now longer a customer, they may not be dog friendly). Alternative starting places if travelling by car - see below.

TURN LEFT uphill after leaving the driveway from the Peveril. Follow road to staggered cross roads by public house. GO MORE-OR LESS AHEAD and pass public car park on your left hand side (an alternative starting point). As road bears left after a short distance KEEP RIGHT into a no through road. Pass house on your right to reach Tissington Trail car park (another possible starting point).

TURN LEFT along the trail - signposted to Tissington, Alsop and Parsley Hay. CONTINUE AHEAD over bridge across A road. CONTINUE AHEAD through picnic area and car park with toilets at Tissington 'station'. CONTINUE AHEAD still on railway track / trail under railway bridge. Continue through a long section in a cutting before reaching a more open stretch with good views. Continue through a stone cutting and under a bridge to reach another open section with a few houses ahead and the A 515 road beyond. Pass farm on your left hand side to reach another car park.

LEAVE THE CAR PARK AND CROSS THE A ROAD INTO A LANE MORE OR LESS OPPOSITE THE ENTRANCE. The lane is signposted to Alstonefield and Milldale. There is no footpath along this lane - SO TAKE CARE as we suspect it might be quite busy during the summer months. Follow the lane downhill (12% road sign part way down) to reach road junction. TURN RIGHT still downhill. Part way down there is a footpath on the left hand side through the field running more-or-less parallel with the road. This would enable you to get off the road but we did not use it as the first stile or two looked 'unfriendly'. CROSS the River Dove VIA ROAD BRIDGE . TURN LEFT ON THE LOWER ROAD (to Milldale) and follow it as it runs parallel with the river (there is now a footpath) into Milldale.

Milldale is a good spot for a short rest as it has several benches by the river, a shelter for rainy days, toilets and a hot drinks / food 'take away'. CONTINUE BY CROSSING THE STONE BRIDGE, then ahead on the footpath on the left hand bank of the river. Follow the path along this beautiful valley through a series of gates, up and down over a set of stone steps to reach a gate with a stone 'squeeze stile' on its left hand side. Pass through stile.

TURN LEFT through gate into green valley (Lin Dale) running away from Dove Dale. CONTINUE AHEAD, uphill, gradually climbing out of the valley. Keep right of rocky outcrop near the top. TURN HALF RIGHT on reaching the flat area, aiming for a gate beside a toilet block in the short stay car park.

Go through the gate and car park to reach a metalled road. TURN LEFT and follow footpath on left of road to a bend - cross to the footpath on the opposite side. Follow the 'main' road as it bends left (i.e. away from church). TURN LEFT back into the Peveril's drive (continue ahead if starting in one of the car parks to reach staggered cross roads - see start of instructions).

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