A dog friendly walk from DogPeople

A dog-friendly walk from DogPeople
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Tideswell and Monsal Head 12 medium hard

SK17 8JQ

This is intended to be a basic route guide only so you will need to follow a map and or the GPX file.

Our GPX trail includes a section of 'there and back' as Murphy disappeared down a bank and had to be 'found' (he actually came back pretty much where he disappeared but pretty exhausted!).

If you would like to receive by e mail a free GPX file (track converted from the trail we walked) produced by our Satmap Active 10 GPS please contact us quoting Tid Mons Hd.  Please note this file is for personal use only and must not be further reproduced without our explicit permission.  Those wishing to use the file commercially should make their intentions clear when contacting us. Please note we can not guarantee this file will work successfully on any other GPS or that the data might be corrupted in transfer but we are confident, in most cases when it is loaded into a robust GPS, it will greatly assist navigation.

Murphy and Lottie started up Slancote Lane (track) in Tideswell where we were staying with at a dog friendly holiday cottage (The Old Piggery).  We kept them on-lead until well passed the last building (and you will need to scoop in this area too,  bin at the bottom of the track).  They were off lead for a while in the well enclosed lane until we turned right on to a footpath across two fields (second path well after a stone building on the right and at a left hand bend in the track).  We then turned left and followed the bridleway / Limestone Way, mostly well enclosed so Lottie and Murphy enjoyed another run off lead until we reached a gate at the edge of Monks Dale.  Keep ahead through the farm and down to the road near Millers Dale.  Turn right then descend steps to lower road by old mill, turn left a short way then right to join footpath over river via a footbridge.  Climb the path to reach the Monsal Trail (disused railway) and turn left.

Follow the track through tunnels and across bridge over Monsal Dale,  before entering the next tunnel climb the footpath marked on the left of the track to Monsal Head. 

We went right to the top and had lunch at The Monsal Head Hotel.  We then went back down the path and forked right to Monsal Dale.  Join road at bottom and turn left (ahead).  Keep ahead to Cressbrook Mill then turn left to join the footpath behind the buildings.  Keep right over a footbridge then follow the river side path through Litton Mill.  After the buildings as the lane bends left fork right signed to Tideswell Dale and follow laid path up to a car park then a mostly unmade path to the right (ahead) to the road.  Cross the road and follow the pavement back up to Tideswell (alternatively go ahead through the open access marked gate and follow the path close to the wall by the road to the end, then cross the road and walk on the pavement).

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