A dog friendly walk from DogPeople

A dog-friendly walk from DogPeople
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Goyt Valley, Pym Chair and Shining Tor (7.5 medium)

Hamish stayed at home for this walk but one of his people started from the car park just below the ruins of Errwood Hall on the west side of Errwood Reservoir (grid reference SK 0122 7483). 

The walk starts up a few steps from the car park.  An information board gives some of the history of Errwood Hall.  Leave the board then cross a field uphill - there are two clear paths, either will do.  We took the right hand fork then more or less ahead when we reached a stone track (via a gap in a wall).  If you take the left hand fork turn right when you reach the track via a field gate entrance.

Follow the track until you reach a sign for Errwood Hall - TURN RIGHT as indicated.  The ruins are a short distance further on.  After exploring the ruins continue on a path on their RIGHT HAND SIDE.  Follow a clear path keeping a valley on your right hand side.  Cross a wooden footbridge then TURN RIGHT up steps to reach a finger post (do not cross another footbridge).

At the top of the steps, by the finger post, TURN LEFT as indicated to The Shrine and Pym Chair.  Follow a clear path with a fence on your left hand side at first then under a tree with a wall on your right hand side.  Follow this path steadily uphill until you reach a metalled lane.  Pass another finger post en-route, following the direction indicated to The Shrine and Pym Chair.  The Shrine is located just below the path on your left hand side just beyond some trees - the diversion to view it (a stone built circular building) is very short.

Shortly after The Shrine the path becomes a grassy track up to the lane.  Go through a wooden stock gate to reach the lane.  TURN LEFT and follow the lane uphill.  Use the grassy path after a few metres on the opposite side of the lane between the remains of a dry stone wall and a fence.  Near the top of the hill note a stile on your right hand side and a sign to Kettleshulme and Windgather - we are sure the views would be great from here - but we walked in cloud and rain!  TURN LEFT through the wall and onto the lane, then RIGHT a short distance along the lane before turning LEFT, at the brow of the hill, up a bank towards a finger post.

Pass through a stock gate by the finger post (indicating to Shining Tor).  Follow a clear path, uphill at first and with a wall on your right hand side.  This path will take you all the way to Shining Tor and beyond.  It is clearly laid for much of the way (with stone slab sections being added to when we walked).  The views to the right are likely excellent on a clear day - sadly we couldn't see more that about 50 metres at best.  

At Shining Tor the trigonometry point is just over the wall on your right hand side (access via a ladder stile).  Keep ahead on the path as it turns left with the dry stone wall (signed to Cat and Fiddle and Stake Side).  Go through a kissing gate and TURN RIGHT (note finger post, left to Errwood routes 1 and 5 and right to Cat and Fiddle).  

Go through another kissing gate then TURN LEFT over a stile (with a huge dog flap on its right hand side) and follow direction indicated by finger post to Goytclough Quarry.  Follow the path steadily downhill just to the right of a dry stone wall.  Keep to the path when it passes a small wood, with a fence on your left hand side, then across a stream.  About 80 metres further on note finger post and follow the direction indicated to Goytclough Quarry and Derbyshire Bridge (across a track where there's a number 5 marker post).  Keep to the path with trees and a fence on your left hand side then over a stile (with a gap where there was once a dog paddle on its left hand side).  Keep to the main path - diagonally right from the stile - and follow it down through the woods and over a couple of foot bridges.  TURN LEFT as indicated by a finger post (Goytclough Quarry and Derbyshire Bridge).  After about 120 metres KEEP AHEAD at the next finger post on a concessionary path to Goytclough Quarry (i.e. do not turn right as indicated to Goytclough Quarry and Derbyshire Bridge).  Stick to this less obvious path with Deep Clough on your left hand side at first.  Go through a wooden gate at the edge of the wood then follow the path down to a metalled lane.

TURN LEFT on the lane (you can now follow this all the way back to the car park if you wish).  Just beyond a car park on your left hand side, and through no entry signs on the lane, TURN RIGHT and follow the direction indicated by a finger post to 'Riverside Walk'.  Follow steps and 'zig zag' down to a wooden bridge near the river.  Follow the mostly well laid path with the river on your right hand side as it climbs back to the lane via a wooden gate.  TURN RIGHT on the lane and follow it back to the car park you started from (on your left hand side when you get there).  This is a reasonably long section of lane - but it allows views over the river bed and ahead along the reservoir.  If you want to avoid some of the lane take a left hand fork track signposted to Errwood Hall - then re-trace your steps across the field to the car park when you reach it.

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