A dog friendly walk from DogPeople

A dog-friendly walk from DogPeople
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Corbar Woods Buxton (2 easy)

The woods are an easy walk from The Pavilion Gardens or Serpentine Walks near the town centre going via Park Road or Carlisle Road respectively. If choosing either of these routes enter the wood via a footpath from Manchester Road almost opposite the junction with Park Road. Other access points are available from Corbar Road.

The woods contain a number of well-walked paths with plenty of space for dogs to run. The main public footpath climbs through the wood to reach a difficult stile for most dogs. This leads into a field, then via an easier stile to a rocky outcrop on top of the hill. A wooden cross dominates the summit of the outcrop. Good views are available back across Buxton (including Solomon's Temple on the opposite side).

The views were well worth the difficult stile but the field contained a variety of livestock when we crossed it. This included a number of longhorn cattle - so we chose our moment to cross carefully!

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