A dog friendly walk from DogPeople

A dog-friendly walk from DogPeople
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Castleton and Cavedale circular (5 moderate)

Hamish combined this walk with a visit to Castleton.

Start the walk from the top of Market Place near the junction with Bargate.  If you've walked from the main road follow signs for Peverill Castle (lower in Market Place at the end of Castle Street).

TURN RIGHT between houses as indicated by public bridleway and Cavedale finger posts.  Soon after passing the houses note information board by rocks at the entrance to Cavedale.  Pass through a gate besides a stile to start up the dale.  Follow clear path steadily uphill through this beautiful valley.  Note rear of Peverill Castle high on your right as you start to climb.  Continue up and through a wooden gate  -  then up again.  Stay close to a dry stone wall when it joins on your right hand side.  BEAR RIGHT through a wooden gate through the wall then across a narrow field.  Go ahead through the next gate towards a marker post.

At the marker post (Limestone Way) BEAR LEFT over the brow of the hill as indicated (following clear vehicle tracks at first).  The temptation might be to stay close to the dry stone way at this point - if you do, keeping it on your right hand side, you will reach the right point but walk further to do so.

Pass through a wooden gate into sheep fold (faded marker disc on right hand post), then through gate at opposite side of enclosure.  TURN RIGHT through gate onto clear enclosed track (DO NOT go ahead as indicated by footpath and bridleway markers).  Follow the track as it bears right - NOT ahead as indicated by a finger post.  Go ahead through a gate and keep to the main track (note footpath to left just before gate and right over a ladder stile just after it).  Keep to the track as it becomes tarmaced and passes a drive to Rowter Farm on your right hand side.  Go through gate to reach metalled road.

TURN RIGHT on the road - keep to the more major road, bearing left with it, as a lesser road turns right to Castleton.  TURN RIGHT through a wooden gate onto a footpath (this is about half way to the next left hand bend with no through road to right - there are a couple of lay-bys here some this could be an alternative start point).  Cross field towards Winnats Head Farm.  TURN LEFT as you reach the farmyard as indicated by a finger post pointing to Blue John Cavern.  Keep to the right hand side of a valley as the path was a little indistinct when we walked.  Go downhill a little to reach the buildings at Blue John Cavern.  Cross the tarmaced area to reach a gate on the opposite side (we stopped for excellent banana and toffee ice creams!).

Go ahead through the gate and across the field - great views of Mam Tor on you left.  Go through another gate to join a clear path descending the right hand side of a valley.  As the path bears right great views of Hope Valley are available (if you ignore the works and chimney to the right!).  Continue down to Treak Cliff Cavern buildings.  Go through gate at the back of the buildings then left down concrete steps.  Follow the steps and concrete path steadily downhill to a metalled lane.  TURN RIGHT and follow the lane back to Castleton.

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