A dog friendly walk from DogPeople

A dog-friendly walk from DogPeople
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Buttermere, Scarth Gap, Seat, High Crag, High Stile and Red Pike 8.3 hard

This was a very rewarding route with excellent views.  It was tough at times but our two middle aged dogs had no difficulty and seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves too.

The decent from Red Pike was steep and loose underfoot.  This was difficult with dogs on leads so you might prefer to reverse the route.

We couldn’t spot a dog scoop bin in the car park but there were a couple on the bridleway to the lake if you need one.

This is intended to be a basic route guide only so you will need to follow a map and or the GPX file.

If you would like to receive by e mail a free GPX file (track converted from the trail we walked) produced by our Satmap Active 10 GPS please contact us quoting Red Pike.  Please note this file is for personal use only and must not be further reproduced without our explicit permission.  Those wishing to use the file commercially should make their intentions clear when contacting us. Please note we can not guarantee this file will work successfully on any other GPS or that the data might be corrupted in transfer but we are confident, in most cases when it is loaded into a robust GPS, it will greatly assist navigation.

If you use our route please note we did some scenery viewing, including a ‘there and back’ on High Stile and climbed High Crag via a grassy bank rather than the stony zig zags to ‘save’ Lottie’s and Murphy’s pads.

We walked from the car park in Buttermere (charge applied).  We then took the bridleway along the south west side of the lake to the southern end, then up Buttermere Fell.  At the cross paths we turned right to Seat (left goes to Hay Stacks).  We then walked the path and bridleway to High Crag and High Stile (where we walked a short section of 'there and back' through cairns to see the views), then to Red Pike before descending to Bleaberry Tarn then back down to Buttermere.

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