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A dog-friendly walk from DogPeople
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Cwmrhaeadr - Forestry Commission, Near Rhandirmyn (near Llandovery - 2)

Start from a small car park with picnic tables on the Rhandirmyn Bridge to Cilycwm road (GPS grid reference SN 7652 4228). There is a way marked 2 mile route available. Hamish started on this route - it leaves the car park on its left hand side as one looks at the gate across the track leading away from the road.

AHEAD over a stile (Hamish got underneath with ease) continuing uphill. After a short distance FORK RIGHT following the blue marker post (do not follow the left hand path marked by a post without colour). AHEAD over a couple of board walks (still a bit muddy when we walked). TURN LEFT at junction with forest track. The track goes downhill for a short distance then bends right. After about 80 metres, just before another bend in the track, TURN RIGHT (UPHILL) along a green track (a public footpath marked on the OS map).

CONTINUE AHEAD as another track joins from the right (both routes have the colourless marker posts on them). On reaching a footpath with a post and rail handrail TURN RIGHT UPHILL to reach a forest track. TURN LEFT on the track. As the track starts to bear left, before turning more sharply left uphill, CONTINUE MORE OR LESS AHEAD ON A PATH GOING UPHILL (i.e. turn right off the track onto the footpath but keep going in pretty much the same direction, still uphill!). When we walked this was a fairly clear (cut) area. The path was slightly sunken and clearly visible.

CONTINUE AHEAD on the path to reach a metal gate. It's worth taking a moment to look back down the path at this point as the views are good. CONTINUE AHEAD through the gate (stile on left hand side) slightly uphill. After 100 to 150 metres TURN RIGHT through a gate (the ruins of a building are just visible a short way off on the left as you turn). TURN DIAGONALLY RIGHT from the gate across a shallow valley with a ridge beyond. Keep the fence line to your right and aim for a tree line beyond the ridge. As you reach the top of the ridge take another look at the views - very good through nearly 360 degrees. CONTINUE AHEAD towards the trees.

CONTINUE AHEAD through an old wooden gate into the woods (GPS grid reference SN 7667 4335 - about 1 mile walked so far). Continue ahead on the path keeping the fence on your right at first. Shortly after passing a stile on the right the path bears a little left into, then through, the trees. Before the path descends towards the trees again the views on the left are excellent across to the Brecon Beacons. As the path reaches the trees FOLLOW IT AS IT BEARS LEFT downhill (don't be tempted by an extraction track ahead). After quite a steep descent the path reaches a forest track. CONTINUE AHEAD (still downhill) on the path as it crosses this track (SN 7657 4277 - about 1.5 miles walked).

TURN RIGHT on reaching the next forest track. This track goes downhill back to the car park via a gate. The footpath does continue ahead downhill from the junction with the track but leads to the road below the car park.

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