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A dog-friendly walk from DogPeople
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Brechfa Forest - Mynydd Tre-beddau

This circular walk explores part of the Brechfa Forest called Mynydd Tre-beddau. The nearest village is New Inn on the A485. Take the minor road opposite the pub and follow it for approximately 2 miles mainly uphill passing over several cattle grids. Park in the broad entrance to a forest track just beyond the fire tower at Crug Bedw (Grid reference SN 4958 3545). This is not a car park as such but there is room for several cars. The whole route is on forest tracks.

Enter the wood via a gate across the track. The woods are managed by Forest Enterprise and a sign states that walkers are welcome. Follow the track for 0.7 miles before a footpath crosses it and a track joins from the left. CONTINUE AHEAD on the main track as it bears slightly right. CONTINUE HEAD at cross tracks after another 50 metres or so.

After about 1 mile total walking distance (SN 4880 3409) a track joins from the right. This leads to Crugyn Amlwg - a earth work (mound) about 0.1 mile along this dead end track. Good views from the mound although it is not easily accessible as it lies a little way beyond the end of the track.

CONTINUE AHEAD (right if returning from the mound). After another 0.3 mile a track joins from the left and a permissive bridleway (marked with a white arrow marker - leaves from the right. CONTINUE AHEAD , after about 0.1 mile a track joins from the left. TURN LEFT ONTO THIS TRACK .

The track descends slightly then bears right. This is the start of an anti - clockwise circuit of a high piece of ground (Mynydd Rhos - wen) with good long distance views. Keep ahead ignoring extraction tracks etc. Follow the track through a sharp right hand bend to reach a cross tracks (SN 4849 3356, trip so far 2.8 miles including diversion to mound).

FOR THE SHORT CUT TURN LEFT to reach another cross tracks then turn right (opposite permissive bridle way) and follow the track back to the car park.

FOR THE MAIN WALK TURN RIGHT , after 0.3 mile go straight ahead at cross tracks. CONTINUE AHEAD at the next cross tracks. CONTINUE AHEAD as track joins from the right. CONTINUE AHEAD passed an overgrown extraction track on the right and ahead passed a track joining from the left (SN 5000 3257) where mature trees began when Hamish walked (trip 3.9 miles).

Follow track down through wood and pass through a gate towards a tarmac track with telegraph poles on its right hand side. TURN HARD LEFT BEFORE reaching the tarmac. Join the track via a gate - Forest Enterprise walkers welcome marker on the left post (SN 5078 3195, trip 4.5 miles).

Follow the track (almost north to begin with) as it winds its way downhill around the edge of a valley. Ignore minor tracks and extraction routes. Follow the track as it bears hard left into an arm of the valley, it climbs a little for a short distance before continuing to descend along the valley side. CONTINUE AHEAD ON THE MAIN TRACK as another joins from the right - continue downhill. Follow the track around a sharp right bend as it crosses over a stream (SN 4994 3310, trip 6 miles). Continue ahead as the track starts to climb out of the valley.

As the gradient starts to level out pass a track joining from the left - continue ahead. Ignore extraction tracks etc. After about 7.4 miles total walking the track emerges onto a flatter area, mostly out on the right when we walked. You soon reach a cross tracks, TURN RIGHT (if this looks familiar its because we were at this point earlier in the walk!). At T junction TURN RIGHT (ahead is a permissive bridleway marked by a white arrow on a green disc).

CONTINUE AHEAD as minor track crosses the main track after a few metres. As the main track bears quite hard left CONTINUE ON SLIGHTLY LESSER TRACK DOWNHILL. After 100 metres or so go ahead at a cross tracks - downhill for a very section before starting to climb. Go ahead to pass a footpath on the right as you start to climb. Near the top of the ascent join a more major track by continuing ahead (i.e. turn right onto the more major track).

At next cross tracks TURN RIGHT - you are now returning towards the car park and the short cut joins form the left. FOLLOW THE MAIN TRACK AS IT BEARS LEFT (don't take the lesser track as it forks right). Go ahead passed a footpath on the left and follow the track back to the gate at the start of the route.

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