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Dog Friendly Walks : Ox Pasture and Raincliffe Woods (4 moderate)

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Lady Ediths Drive North York Moors National Park Scarborough Yorkshire YO12 5TD

  • Map - Outdoor Leisure 27 - North York Moors - Eastern Area
  • Distance - About 4 miles – options available
  • Stiles - None
  • Date walked - 29.6.09

Hamish walked from Ox Pasture Hotel during a stay there. Non residents / patrons can start from the car park just after the beginning of the instructions below. The route is almost wholly in Raincliffe Woods mostly following clear tracks or paths. Some steady uphill walking is required but nothing too demanding (Hamish managed at 12½ years old so this route should be suitable for most dogs). Variations on this route are available in the woods, both short cuts and extensions including more climbing for those who want extra exercise.

From the hotel follow the drive back to the road then TURN LEFT. TURN RIGHT into a CAR PARK a couple of hundred yards along the lane (Dog Bark Bend).

Follow a clear path away from the car park (top left hand corner). Keep ahead on the main path uphill (don't take the minor path close behind the car park), then FORK RIGHT part way up (both forks lead to the same route). TURN RIGHT at the top of the fork and follow a clear track, still uphill for a while. KEEP AHEAD at cross paths by a big Beech tree. KEEP AHEAD again as another track joins from the hard left. KEEP AHEAD again where a pink arrow points left up another track. The path soon emerges from the woods into Raincliffe Meadow (Woodland Trust), KEEP AHEAD across the open area (good views to the right) then follow a clear track through the woods on the opposite side.

KEEP AHEAD at a hard right track (that could be used as a short cut), follow a blue and white arrow marker ahead. KEEP AHEAD downhill passing an open area with a couple of bins on your right hand side. Follow the main track ignoring side paths until you reach a stone covered open area with an old telegraph pole in it. KEEP LEFT on a fork staying at more-or-less the same height (don't fork right downhill). Shortly after taking the left hand fork note a marker post, number 23, on your right hand side. Follow the track downhill towards a car park (Green Gate Car Park) but don't go through the metal gate leading to it (unless you want to read the information boards about Forge Valley Woods).

TURN RIGHT, slightly uphill, IMMEDIATELY BEFORE THE METAL GATE to join a narrow footpath. The path was a little overgrown in some places for the first ½ mile or so when we walked. SOME CARE OF YOUR DOGS NEEDS TO BE TAKEN as the path runs more-or-less parallel with the road, sometimes quite close to it. Keep to the path that tracks the road, don't take side paths that go down to the road (left) or up the hill (right).

KEEP AHEAD past a car park on your left then BEAR RIGHT slightly uphill. FORK LEFT 50 yards beyond the car park to join a path following the road again. CROSS a wooden footbridge after another 50 yards or so. FORK LEFT after a second BRIDGE (still close to the road). Pass behind another car park keeping a large metal gate into it on your left hand side). TURN RIGHT opposite the entrance gap to the car park and cross a small wooden bridge.

After about 25 yards FORK LEFT across a small wooden bridge. Climb three step then, quite some way further on, descend more steps, cross a bridge then climb steps on its opposite side. Pass a bench just beyond the steps. Some way on continue ahead past a similar section of steps, bridge and bench. Further on, KEEP AHEAD at a marker post with a metal gate to your left, don't go up or down but follow the direction indicated by blue and green arrow markers. KEEP AHEAD over a small wooden bridge then a bigger bridge with steps either side and another bench beyond it. Some distance on pass a post and rail fence then enter Raincliffe Gate Car Park.

CROSS THE CAR PARK and leave it through a gap in the fence next to information boards (diagonally from where you entered it, note blue and green arrow markers). Follow the wide track then FORK LEFT after about 150 yards to join a clear path through the woods (about 40 yards from a field fence on its left hand side). Continue on the path as it climbs through the wood and bends hard right part way up. TURN LEFT on a smaller path at a T-junction about 25 yards beyond the bend. Follow the path as its pretty much follows the contour through mature wood. Follow the path as it BENDS RIGHT towards, then past, a large Oak tree. Follow the path past another mature Oak to reach a wider track (by the edge of Raincliffe Meadow).

TURN LEFT on the track, you are now retracing the early part of the walk back to the start. KEEP LEFT, downhill, at a fork. KEEP AHEAD at a cross paths by the big Beech tree. Follow the track back to the car park then TURN LEFT on the lane for Ox Pasture Hotel (a short way along on the right).

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