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Dog Friendly Walks : Moffat to Gallowhill Wood and Tank Wood

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  • Map - Explorer 330
  • Distance - About 3 miles (optional short cuts)
  • Stiles - None
  • Date walked - 9/05/04

This walk starts in Moffat High Street by the war memorial. Hamish was 'off the lead' for most of this walk except in the town sections. For those wanting a shorter route there are two opportunities for short cuts.

Walk along High Street past the ram statue into Academy Road (i.e. straight on). TURN RIGHT immediately after the former St Mary's church (with steeple) into Harthorpe Place (also marked towards footpath Gallowhill). Follow road as it bears left - then uphill past The Whins on your right and school entrance on left. After another 30/40 metres TURN RIGHT onto footpath marked to Gallowhill and Heatheryhaugh.

Continue ahead up steps keeping stonewall on right. As wall turns right and path/track goes ahead to Heatheryhaugh TURN LEFT on path beside metal grill towards Gallowhill. Follow path through a strip of trees uphill - there are views to your left and right. As path reaches wood note bench and finger post (pointing back down the path to Moffat). TURN RIGHT to do an anti-clockwise circuit of the wood. The main path is a little above the field and stonewall. On the day we walked the main track was a bit muddy so we initially kept on a lesser path closer to the wall - before joining the main track again after some distance.

Follow track around wood, uphill at first always keeping wood on left and fields and views on right. Shortly after the track starts to descend there is another bench where you could rest and take in the views. Continue ahead - you soon pass a path joining form left (Moffat paths project signs pointing ahead and back along our route). For a short cut you could turn left along this path and follow either of its forks back to the point we entered the wood. For the full walk continue ahead.

Follow the main track downhill. Pass another marker post - don't branch right along a track leaving the wood. As the path climbs again slightly, Moffat and its two churches come into view on the right. After another 50 metres or so turn right by the bench and finger post back down the path used earlier. Follow path to cross tracks then TURN LEFT towards Heatheryhaugh on a green lane. For a short cut continue more or less straight ahead and downhill on tarmac lane, with stonewall on your right to reach Moffat town centre.

Follow green lane downhill at first past benches. Just as the path climbs TURN RIGHT through green kissing gate by stone wall into Tank Wood. There's a choice of paths - one more or less straight-ahead, the other (lesser path) to the right nearer the fence and field. We used the one ahead but they both bring you to near enough the same place. Continue down through wood to reach a path T-junction. TURN RIGHT, still downhill and follow path with houses on left and field on right.

TURN LEFT on metalled road as indicated by Moffat Paths Project sign. Follow road ( Hartfell Crescent ) to a T-junction - almost a crossroad. TURN LEFT downhill into Old Well Road , pass Old Well Theatre in left and Dowding House on your right to reach cross roads. Continue ahead into Well Street , this returns you to the High Street opposite the war memorial.

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