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Dog Friendly Walks : Newbridge and Wye Valley Circular (West via Coed Bryn) - 6 moderate

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  • Map - Explorer 200 – Llandrindod Wells and Elan Valley
  • Distance - About 6 miles
  • Stiles - None on recommended route (alternative has several ‘unfriendly’)
  • Date walked - 3.10.08

Hamish missed out on this route as it looked to be too demanding. He stayed behind with one of the directors at a dog friendly holiday cottage. As it turned out it was just as well as the route walked had several unfriendly stiles on a section of the Wye Valley Walk (but the route described here is stile free). It is hoped the difficult section of the Wye Valley Walk might be improved following contact with Powys Council (who display a proactive approach to walking in Powys). If we hear of improvements the route will be updated > Dave contacted us on 21.7.12 and told us "I recently walked the Newbridge and Wye Valley Circular (West via Coed Bryn) Walk ID 169 and following your contact with Powys Council, found that all the stiles on the alternative route had been improved by Powys Council in line with their pro-active approach, and were all dog friendly".

On-street parking is available in Newbridge-on-Wye, possibly at the top end of the B 4358 to Beulah.

The route follows quiet country lanes, a section of the Wye Valley Walk (byway), a bridleway and both starts and finishes along a B road (with a good grass verge).

Follow the B 4358 road away from Newbridge in the direction of Beulah. Cross the Wye via the road bridge then TURN RIGHT on a metalled lane signposted as The Wye Valley Walk, Cycle Route 8 and to Llysdinam (1/2 mile). Follow the lane steadily uphill Keep ahead past a lane junction on your left hand side (LHS), then a post box on your right hand side (RHS). Shortly after here the Wye Valley Walk turns right over a stile into a field, if you have an agile dog and don't mind several stiles, some farm animals and boggy going you might choose this route (but we wouldn't take Hamish this way), if so, follow the signs (patchy) until you reach ** in these instructions. If staying with the dog friendly route keep ahead on the lane. Keep climbing steadily up the lane until you reach a cross roads.

TURN RIGHT at the cross roads, now with good views away to your right. At the next T-junction TURN RIGHT as indicated by a wooden walk finger post. Follow the lane downhill and through a left hand bend (where the Wye Valley Walk joins from a field on your RHS **). Keep going downhill on the lane (turn right if joining from the Wye Valley Walk route) until a stream runs close on your LHS then TURN LEFT over a bridge across the stream as indicated by Wye Valley Walk and Cycle Route 8 markers. Keep ahead on a stone laid track don't bear left on the metalled lane as it enters a private property.

Keep ahead through a couple of gates, note National Trust sign at the second gate just after the trees stop on your LHS. Keep ahead for some distance until the track comes close to the end of trees on your RHS just as the track levels after a short climb and where there are remains of a stone wall beyond the fence on your RHS. Note a marker post on your LHS with a red byway marker and Wye Valley Walk marker TURN SHARP LEFT UPHILL on a well defined path (bridleway there is no blue marker on the post but some evidence there was once another disc on the post.).

The bridleway climbs steadily providing good views over the Wye and hills beyond as you climb. At the top of the ridge bear right and through a gate (please close the gate as requested by the National Trust sign). Keep ahead close to a fence on your RHS, then ahead again through a pair of metal gates to reach a metalled lane.

KEEP AHEAD on the lane (i.e. turn left if anything, and away from farm buildings on your RHS) and follow it downhill. This will be a long section of lane but it is a no through road, with very few buildings, so you may not encounter any vehicles or walkers. Pass a house and outbuildings on a sharp right hand bend. Keep ahead over a bridge then AHEAD at a road junction on your LHS (where you turned if you used the dog friendly route on the way out). TURN LEFT at cross roads (indicated as cycle route 8 also as before if you used the dog friendly route). Follow the lane steadily downhill and back to the B 4358, then TURN LEFT back to Newbridge on Wye.

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