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Dog Friendly Walks : Sugar Loaf , Abergavenny (8 moderate)

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Abergavenny, Monmouthshire

  • Map - Outdoor Leisure 13 (Brecon Beacons East)
  • Distance - About 8 miles
  • Stiles - None
  • Date walked - 28.6.02

This walk starts from the small car park near the foot of St Mary's Vale above Home Farm to the North West of Abergavenny.  The car park is near the end of a very minor road accessed via Chapel Road from Abergavenny.  The car park is at grid reference SO 2840 1622.

Turn LEFT out of the car park and walk up the track a short distance, pass a house and enter the woodland.  Follow the stream to the top of the wood ignoring a stile on the left and all footpaths to either side.  This section of the walk gave Hamish excellent opportunity to explore as the wood was free of livestock and was a good size.  Soon after the stream / path emerges from the tree line TURN RIGHT (North at approximately SO 2720 1761) to follow a clear path towards the summit of the Sugar Loaf (that should now be in view).  The path passes through a valley as it climbs before being joined by a track from the left.  CONTINUE AHEAD (still uphill in a generally northerly direction) to reach the summit ridge.  You should join the ridge a hundred metres or so to the right of a trig point, but not quite at its right hand (East) end.

The views from the ridge were excellent in every direction on the day we walked it.  The climb was well worth the effort (about 300 metres from the car park including some fairly steep sections).  An option after taking in the views would be to simply retrace your route back to the car park.  

Hamish's walk took him LEFT along the ridge to PASS THE TRIG POINT, then he descended through rocks to reach a clear ridge path running in a westerly direction (views ahead of the Brecon Beacons in the distance).  Follow the path to a fork.  Take the LEFT HAND PATH AT THE FORK then follow it downhill towards the corner of the woods at SO 2605 1830.

CROSS THE STREAM, then climb uphill on the path more-or-less straight ahead in an easterly direction (not the path close to the tree line to the right).  At cross tracks (SO 2650 1828) TURN RIGHT (South) on clear track.  Follow this until reaching another cross tracks opposite the path you used to climb to the summit ridge (SO 26801731 - by spot height 386 metres on our map).  TURN LEFT (North of East) THEN RIGHT onto a smaller path just short of the tree line (southerly).

Follow the path into the wood - then down through the trees to a metalled road by a sharp bend at SO 2790 1630 (Pen-yr-heol).  TURN SHARP LEFT onto a track passing above a farm then passing a house on the right.  Enter the wood and follow a path down to a stream - TURN RIGHT along the stream.  Follow the stream back down through St Mary's Vale to the car park.

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