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Dog Friendly Walks : St Margarets at Cliffe and Kingsdown circular

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  • Map - Explorer 138 - Dover, Folkestone and Hythe
  • Distance - 10.25 miles
  • Stiles - None
  • Date walked - 27.3.09

This route was provided by RCSL South-East Walking Section and was used by its members and guests to help raise funds for Pegasus Playscheme.  The directors and Tia's people walked it.
The route started from the local scouts hut and finished at the Hope Inn.  A public car park is between these situated at the junction between High Street, Reach Road and Sea Street.  If starting from the pub there's no need to walk to the scout hut as you can start from Chapel Lane (see 2nd paragraph of instructions below) just into Sea Street from the Reach Road junction.  If travelling by bus the stop is at The Hope Inn also pretty much on this junction.



1. STARTING POINT Leave the scout hut (next to the village hall in Reach Road. CT15 6AP Grid Ref.  TR 358446) and turn left into Reach Road. At the end of the road turn right into the High Street.

2. CROSS THE ROAD and take the FIRST LEFT into Chapel Lane.  Follow Chapel Lane all the way round to the end where it junctions with Kingsdown Road.  TURN RIGHT into Kingsdown Road.

3. Continue to walk straight ahead down Kingsdown Road until you reach a property on the right called 'Littlebanks' (shown on Ordnance Survey map as 'Ridgeview'.) About level with it and on the opposite side of the road to the property there is a bridleway leading DOWNHILL TO THE LEFT.

4. Following this path will take you downhill and then up and past some horse fields. Keep following until you get to the end, which is a T-junction with an unmade road.

5. Follow the roadway to your RIGHT.  It BEARS LEFT and takes you downhill and up again, past farm buildings on your left (1 mile from start) and towards the woods at the top of the hill (1.65 miles).

6. ENTER THE WOODS and continue straight ahead through the arch of trees. At this point you need to BEAR RIGHT onto a footpath marked with a wooden post. You should pass underneath an overhanging branch, which forms a sort of an arch and then continue following the path though the trees.

7. The path ahead continues basically on the same line until it emerges briefly from the woods. Continue along the LEFT EDGE OF THE FIELD and then TURN RIGHT to continue walking through the woods past a barrier made of iron stakes and logs and on until the trees end. (You are now in the Lynch which is marked on the map.)  (2 miles)

8. When you emerge from the trees, follow the path round the edge of the field on your left for about 30 yards until you see a small path leading off to the right.

9. Carry on along the SAME LINE, taking the LEFT PATH WHEN IT FORKS (marked with an arrow marker), until you arrive at a road (TAKE CARE CROSSING here, it can be surprisingly busy).

10. Cross the road and CONTINUE AHEAD past the small water works building. Follow the path ahead along the line of the trees (you are now in Knights Bottom) until you reach a road.

11. AT THE ROAD TURN RIGHT and walk up the road for about 200 yards before TURNING LEFT onto a path.  (3.7 miles) The path leads uphill using a few steps and then crosses two fields and then behind houses on the right and into a small wood.

12. Shortly after the path is bordered by a fence on your left, there is a junction with other paths. TURN HARD LEFT at this point and follow the initially tarmac path through the fields. Keep going for some distance until you reach a footpath signposted off to the right (4.35 miles).  TURN RIGHT.

13. The path crosses the field and sweeps around to the right, eventually leading you down a set of steps to the road at the bottom of the bank.  (4.7 miles) TURN LEFT onto the road (best to cross and walk on the other side) until you reach Cecil Road.

14. TURN RIGHT into Cecil Road and walk the short distance to the end to Wellington.  TURN RIGHT and walk along the unmade roadway bordering the pebble beach, continuing until it becomes a footpath marked 'no cycling'. KEEP GOING STRAIGHT AHEAD and after about ¼ mile you will reach the Zetland Arms public house. (5.35 miles)

15. On the far side of the pub TURN RIGHT and walk up the road away from the sea.  At the end of the road TURN LEFT and follow the road that runs along behind the beach for about 1/3 mile.

16. When the road bears sharply to the right and goes uphill, there is a set of steps straight in front of you, marked as a footpath, leading up the cliff.  FOLLOW THESE STEPS onto the footpath and at the top follow the path along the cliffs keeping the golf course and houses on your right.

17. After about ½ mile you will see an obelisk about a further mile ahead. This is the Dover Patrol Monument, erected In July 1921 after World War I as a memorial to the Dover Patrol. Similar memorial obelisks stand at Cap Blanc Nez on the French Coast (which on a good day can be seen from here) and at the entrance to New York harbour (which can't).  (6.9 miles)

18. Keep on the main path up to the obelisk, keeping Bluebirds on your left. Opposite the obelisk go though a KISSING GATE ON YOUR LEFT and follow the path downhill and to your right so that you are approaching the cliffs at an slight angle. You start to parallel the cliffs passing some houses on your right and then enter a wood. The path continues slightly downhill through the trees, though a kissing gate and then past the rear of more houses on the right. AT THE FIRST "JUNCTION", TURN LEFT and down the path which quickly becomes a SET OF STEPS down the face of the cliff into St Margaret's Bay.

19. At the foot of the steps TURN RIGHT past the tea kiosk and toilets and towards the Coastguard public house.

20. Just before reaching the pub TURN RIGHT and follow the road uphill (Bay Hill  CAUTION - THERE IS LITTLE OR NO PATH ALONG THE ROAD). At the first hairpin bend, which is after about 150 yards uphill TURN LEFT into an unmade road (Beach Road). Keep to the left at the next junction to stay in Beach Road and so that the Pine Gardens are on your right. There is a tea-room and a museum on your left. (This opens somewhat erratically during the winter season, and so may not be open) The whole of this section is slightly uphill.

21. After 300 yards there is a four way junction. TAKE THE ROAD ON YOUR LEFT and again continue uphill. After a few (50 to 100) yards the roadway turns right. (You can CONTINUE AHEAD THROUGH THE KISSING GATE for a few more yards and THEN TURN RIGHT so you are walking through a meadow REJOINING THE ROADWAY VIA A KISSING GATE AT THE END OF THE FIELD).

22. CONTINUE ALONG THE ROADWAY (turning left if you have walked through the meadow), it bends to the right and there is a PATH ON YOUR LEFT TOWARDS THE SOUTH FORELAND LIGHTHOUSE, which is only 50 to 100 yards away. Unfortunately, the lighthouse is not open until April, so will just have to be admired from the outside. (9 miles).

23. At the front gate to the lighthouse TURN RIGHT and walk DOWNHILL along the tarmac track DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF YOU do not bear round to the right along the drive away from the lighthouse.

24. After 250 yards the TRACK TURNS ABOUT 90 DEGREES TO THE RIGHT. After about another 1/3 mile there is a path on your LEFT (TURN LEFT onto this path) immediately before the start of a row of houses on the same side of the road and opposite a house called 'Southolme'.

25. This path leads slightly down hill though some trees and then bends to the right and DIAGONALLY CROSSES A FIELD. On the far side of the field the path leads behind a row of houses and emerges onto Reach Close.

26. TURN RIGHT and then FOLLOW THE ROAD AROUND TO YOUR LEFT. At the top there is a T-junction with Reach Road. TURN RIGHT into Reach Road (the observant will note where you started from some hours ago) and then after about another 100 yards left into the High Street (10.3 miles).

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