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Dog Friendly Walks : Faversham and Oare Circular - Two Creeks (4 easy)

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Front Brents Faversham (ME13 7DH)

  • Map - Explorer 149 - Sittingbourne & Faversham
  • Distance - About 4 miles
  • Stiles - None
  • Date walked - 7.4.07

Start from Front Brents Car Park off Front Brents in Faversham.  From the car park walk towards the creek (away from the road) then TURN LEFT along the creek side.  There's a telephone box and information board at the edge of the car park.  Keep ahead with the creek on your right hand side (RHS), a little further on note another information board with details of the Two Creeks Walk (essentially this route).  Bear left around a new housing development at the creek side - going left at first then right always keeping to a clear pavement (a dog waste bin is across the field after you bear left if you need one).  Follow the path to a metalled road.

KEEP AHEAD then to the RIGHT of a terrace of houses (don't go into the industrial estate).  Follow the driveway marked as The Saxon Shore Way with houses on your left hand side (LHS) and the industrial building on your RHS.  CONTINUE AHEAD as the path enters a field then FORK RIGHT at a marker post (signed The Saxon Shore Way).   TURN RIGHT with the perimeter wall of the industrial estate (keeping it on your RHS).  KEEP AHEAD through a metal kissing gate until you re-join the creek side.  TURN LEFT along the bank (as signed to The Saxon Shore Way).  You will have the creek on your RHS for the next two miles or so.

GO AHEAD through a metal kissing gate with another information board close by.  GO AHEAD through the next kissing gate keeping to the raised bank and heading towards buildings (you won't reach the buildings because they are on the Seasalter side of the creek at Nagden).  GO AHEAD through two kissing gates close together (there were a few young bovines here when we walked).  GO AHEAD through the next metal kissing gate where the creek bends right towards more buildings (the white weather-boarded building is a pub).  GO AHEAD through a wooden gate just before the pub on its RHS (note Saxon Shore Way marker on gate post).

Just after the pub turn left with the bank and keep following it with the pub on your LHS at first.  Keep to the bank - the creek (now Oare Creek) is on your RHS with a lane going to the pub, then a ditch on your LHS.  A series of boat landing stages will be on your RHS for most of the way until you reach a track going across your route into a boat yard.  KEEP AHEAD across the track to follow a path ahead (marked as Saxon Shore Way - still with a ditch on your LHS).  The path passes a boat yard and caravans etc. on your RHS (with the creek just beyond).

When you reach a metalled lane TURN RIGHT indicated as Saxon Shore Way (note left through blue metal gates).  Follow the lane with the creek on your RHS and a lake on your LHS after a short distance.  At road Junction TURN LEFT (note Saxon Shore Way leaves to the right towards Oare village and road signed to London ahead - Western Link).  Use the pavement on the RHS of the road as it passes through an industrial estate.  Keep ahead until you reach Priory Road and the church at Davington (once part of the priory - an information board tells you about the priory and has another map of The Two Creeks Walk).

Keep ahead as the pavement bears left away from the church.  Before it starts to descend the hill TURN LEFT and cross the road into Brent Hill - views over Faversham soon available on your RHS.  At bottom of the hill keep ahead (left hand fork) signed as Swale Heritage Walk.   At road T-junction, with white house ahead, Turn RIGHT towards a bridge over the creek. TURN LEFT before the bridge and pass a gate to the RHS of the white house.   Follow lane with creek on your RHS for 200 metres of so to return to the car park (on your LHS).

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