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Dog Friendly Walks : Boughton under Blean circular via Denstead Woods – GPX BuB Denstead (8 easy)

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111 The Street Boughton Faversham Kent ME13 9BH

  • Map - OS Explorer 149 (Sittingbourne & Faversham)
  • Distance - 8 miles
  • Stiles - Two, one with a medium sized dog gap the other requires dogs to be lifted.
  • Date walked - 10.8.10 (updated 7.4.16)

If you would like to receive by e mail a free GPX file (track converted from the trail we walked) produced by our Satmap Active 10 GPS please contact us quoting GPX BuB Denstead. Please note this file is for personal use only and must not be further reproduced without our explicit permission. Those wishing to use the file commercially should make their intentions clear when contacting us. Please note we can not guarantee this file will work successfully on any other GPS or that the data might not be corrupted in transfer but we are confident, in most cases when it is loaded into a robust GPS, it will greatly assist navigation.

This route starts at The Queens Head - please park carefully if travelling by car as the pub's car park can be busy. There are two stiles on this route so it may not be suitable for large dogs unless their owners are happy to lift them.

Cross the road and TURN RIGHT on the pavement (towards Dunkirk and Canterbury). Keep on the pavement as it climbs a little above the road and look for a public footpath sign on your right hand side (opposite Colonel's Lane) and TURN LEFT onto the path (along a drive between houses at first). KEEP AHEAD on the path between fences then TURN RIGHT at a paths junction. Follow the path with fences on both sides and views of Mount Ephraim House (gardens are dog friendly) on your left after a short distance.

TURN LEFT onto a metalled track (Bounds Lane) and follow it to a metalled lane (Staple Street Road). TURN RIGHT along the lane, walk close to the left hand side and beware of occasional vehicles. TURN LEFT at the first junction into Dawes Road (signed to Dargate). KEEP AHEAD over a cross roads (Stoney Road to the right and Thread Lane to the left) and follow the lane uphill (good views to the left as you climb). At the top of the hill look for a bridleway on your right (opposite a farm drive on your left).

TURN RIGHT on the bridleway (marked with a green and white sign post) over (or round) a low metal 'horse' gate. Follow the track through the woods, a little way ahead on your left, in a field, are remains of one of the original 'Chain Home' radar stations (and, beyond it, its modern day successor). Further on, on the right is the entrance to Bofors Tower, an anti-aircraft gun emplacement that once protected the radar station, now converted to a home. Keep ahead as the bridleway becomes narrower when it passes a mobile 'phone mast on your left (note marker post). Keep ahead through a gate by a house just before the old A2 at Dunkirk.

TURN LEFT and follow the pavement and cross Courtenay Road (with tall communications mast on your LHS). CROSS the main road WITH CARE and follow the grass verge on the opposite side of the road towards, then round, a right hand bend. Cross the bridge over the new A2, then TURN RIGHT on a metalled drive signed Foresters Lodge, private road (also marked with a green and white footpath finger post).

Follow the drive past silos on your right. TURN LEFT opposite a black weather-boarded house on your right onto a footpath between houses on your left, note a yellow arrow marker on a BT telegraph pole across the drive to the houses. Follow the path between fences, then AHEAD across the right hand side of a field. KEEP AHEAD into a wood via a wooden bridge over a ditch. Follow a fairly clear path in the wood to reach a double wooden finger post. FORK LEFT as indicated by the left hand finger post.

Follow the path down through the wood passing occasional marker posts with yellow tape. KEEP AHEAD over a track as signed by a wooden finger post, still downhill on the path. KEEP AHEAD at the bottom of the hill (over what looked like a dried water-course when we walked) then follow the path as it climbs a little. Follow the path as it FORKS RIGHT (note yellow marker) then through a slightly sunken way, then BEAR LEFT as indicated by a yellow arrow marker (this junction looks a T-junction with a metal barrier to the right as you turn). The path soon widens to a track and becomes easier to follow.

As the track reaches a fence TURN LEFT keeping the fence and field beyond on your right hand side. After a short distance, where the height of the fence drops, TURN RIGHT over a stile into the field (when we walked there was a medium sized dog gap on the right under the stile). Cross the field DIAGONALLY LEFT (as indicated by a yellow arrow marker) aiming just left of a row of evergreen trees. CROSS A STILE (no dog gap) in the bottom left of the field to join a path in the woods. (a slightly more dog friendly alternative might be to use a gate on the left near the bottom of the field then cross into the wood via an unofficial path about 25 yards left of the fence, but the gate was locked when we walked). KEEP AHEAD over a small bridge in the wood, then into an orchard keeping a hedge-line on your left at first. At the top of the hill note track running left with a marker post on its opposite side. CROSS THE TRACK then BEAR SLIGHTLY RIGHT aiming for the top right hand corner of the orchard. Take a slightly overgrown at first path out of the corner of the orchard. When we walked the path soon became clearer with a fence on the right hand side. Follow the path until it emerges onto a track.

TURN LEFT onto the track then, after 80 yards or so, TURN RIGHT onto a track into the woods. Pass a large metal barrier and sign for a nature reserve (and giving access on foot only), then follow the track uphill. You will be on this track for a considerable distance and don't be tempted by a left hand fork off it. Keep left by a big spreading beech tree as the track becomes narrower still uphill through the woods. Keep to the track as it bends through a slightly more open area, levels and descends for a short way. Note occasional yellow marker posts, and eventually, a broken fence on your right. Keep to the track until you reach a T-junction. TURN LEFT, then immediately RIGHT (i.e. keep going in more-or-less the same direction) over a foot bridge marked with a yellow arrow marker.

CROSS ANOTHER BRIDGE then through a METAL GATE into the edge of a field. Cross the field keeping to its right hand side. GO AHEAD through another metal gate to reach a track then more-or-less ahead (very slightly right) towards a metal field gate on the opposite side (great views). GO AHEAD through a metal kissing gate (to the left of the field gate) and follow a path with the field on your right hand side. BEAR LEFT as the main path turns downhill away from the field. Follow the path down as it passes between fences and a house on your right hand side (The Hollies). TURN RIGHT on a path marked by a green and white sign between The Hollies and the next house.

Follow the path downhill to a metalled lane. TURN RIGHT then TURN LEFT at the first lane junction (the lane is marked as no entry for traffic and is opposite the Dunkirk Road South sign). Follow the lane down to a T-junction with a more major lane. TURN RIGHT on the lane then after 15 yards or so TURN RIGHT onto a footpath marked by a green and white sign. Follow a clear path through the woods with a fence on your right at first. Keep ahead on the main path as another path crosses the fence via a broken stile. Follow the wide path as it climbs a little then descends (don't take a fork off to the right). TURN LEFT at a V-junction with arrow markers on a post. The path soon reaches a metalled lane by a house on your left hand side.

TURN RIGHT on the metalled lane passing Hurst Cottage, Hickman's Green. TAKE CARE and keep to the right of the lane as it is narrow in places and does have some traffic. Follow the lane under a bridge for the main A2 road then TURN LEFT at a T-junction. TURN LEFT again when you reach The Street (main road through Boughton), The Queen's Head, a dog friendly pub, is a short way along on the left.

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