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Dog Friendly Walks : Clynnog-fawr and Bwich Mawr circular (from Bach Wen - Gwynedd) [6 moderate]

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  • Map - Explorer 254 - Lleyn Peninsular East
  • Distance - About 6 miles
  • Stiles - None
  • Date walked - 23.12.06

Hamish started from Bach Wen Farm Cottages, dog friendly holiday cottages, at grid reference SH 4102 4980. If not staying here we recommend you start from Clynnog-fawr village.

Follow the drive from Bach Wen back towards the village. Go around the first left hand bend then KEEP AHEAD through a metal gate as the drive bends right. Follow a track up between houses (a new road is planned here so you may need to follow the drive in the future). At road junction in the village (with church on your left hand side - LHS) CROSS ROAD WITH CARE and TURN LEFT on opposite pavement. TURN RIGHT, almost opposite church, up a lane / alley (St Beuno's Court?). At top TURN RIGHT onto a metalled lane.

Follow the lane uphill to a cattle grid - pass through gate to the LHS of the grid, then AHEAD for a short distance on lane. TURN SHARP RIGHT uphill on a bridleway marked with a finger post and "Llyn Coastal Path" sign. KEEP AHEAD through a wooden bridleway gate with a blue arrow marker besides a stream. Follow blue arrow markers uphill. Go through two old metal gates to pass a stone building on its right hand side (RHS). Go through a third metal gate at the top right hand side of the property (blue arrow marker on gate). CONTINUE UPHILL - more-or-less in the same direction with stream on your RHS. Go through a metal gate (with a blue marker)and pass a ruined mill on your RHS (Pen-yr-allt-uchaf). Just beyond the building fork left (don't go through any gates). KEEP AHEAD through a 5 bar wooden gate the follow blue arrow marker up the LHS of the field (with stream on your LHS). Just before ruined walls TURN LEFT through a metal gate then immediately RIGHT and follow blue markers, then through a second metal gate and uphill between two dry stone walls.

GO AHEAD through a metal kissing gate (note Open Access Land sign before wall). You have now reached a large open access area providing plenty of opportunities - but no marked footpaths. Our route was chosen with relatively easy walking in mind - and to avoid the boulder fields in view of Hamish's age. We did not reach any of the summits - but you could if you wish.

BEAR RIGHT keeping 10 to 20 metres away from wall on your RHS. After about 100 metres look for a large post just over the wall. Just before here TURN LEFT and strike out up the hill (a very small watercourse runs here - go up just to the left of it - but it might not be obvious in the dry season). The hill is covered in boulders and has small boulder fields in places so pick your way up aiming for the ridge well to the right of the main rocky outcrop (part of Bwich Mawr). You should be going more-or-less south - if you stop part way up to admire the view you should see the dry stone walls you walked between almost directly below (and Bach Wen further back on the coast).

KEEP AHEAD until your reach the beginning of the ridge then FORK LEFT towards the rocky outcrop on top of the ridge - follow a grassy path between the boulders. Before the outcrop TURN A LITTLE RIGHT away from the sea (i.e. south) keeping a deep valley with hills beyond (Gyrn Goch and Gyrn Ddu) on your RHS. KEEP AHEAD through a sometimes boggy area to reach the last rocky outcrop on the ridge (you'll see dry stone walls left and ahead past here).

After the rocks TURN RIGHT down into the valley - take care to pick the best route through the boulders as there are no obvious paths. BEAR RIGHT as you go back towards the sea (north) in the bottom of the valley to join a dry stone wall (the wall goes down into the bottom of the valley - where a stream runs and a waterfall is marked on the map - stay on the upper section before the wall turns down). Follow the wall towards the sea (roughly north) keeping it 10 to 20 metres on your LHS (this involves some cross-contouring on a narrow 'sheep path') until you reach the metal kissing gate you used earlier.

TURN LEFT through the gate and retrace your route back to the start.

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