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Dog Friendly Walks : Reekie Linn (easy with care - options)

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  • Map - Explorer 381 - Blairgowrie, Kirriemuir & Glamis
  • Distance - About 1 mile with options
  • Stiles - None
  • Date walked - 26.6.09

Hamish walked this ‘there and back’ route on his way for a day out whilst staying at The Steadings (no longer a customer) other self catering options available. The path has steep and significant drops in places and you will need to take these into account in deciding how much time your dog can be off lead. Hamish was on his most of the time and would have been even when younger (when he might have chased a bird over the cliffs!).

The car park is at grid reference NO 25211 53837 by Bridge of Craigisla on the B954. There are picnic benches and warning notices about the dangerous drops.

The path is clearly defined and runs away from the car park on the left of the River Isla. An impressive waterfall is reached in about ¼ mile with several good viewing points (with care). The path continues beyond the falls, Hamish only walked a short distance (about a mile ‘there and back’) but the maps suggests you could easily treble this distance with the promise of more waterfalls further on.

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