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Dog Friendly Walks : Stanhope Burn and Crawley Edge Circular (4½ moderate)

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Burnside Brace Guest House 23 Rose Terrace Stanhope Durham DL13 2PE

  • Map - Explorer 307 – Consett and Derwent Reservoir
  • Distance - About 4½ miles
  • Stiles - One with flap
  • Date walked - 10.04.08

Hamish was staying at Burnside Brace B&B when he walked this easy but attractive route. Non guests could start from the village centre or on-street parking near the B&B.

From the B&B (grid reference NY 99023936) turn right towards the B6278 to Barnard Castle but turn right along a farm track just over the burn as indicated by a green and white finger post. Follow the track ahead, with the burn on your right hand side (RHS) past farm buildings keeping to the right of a stone outbuilding (as marked by a foot paths sign) then right of the farmyard (again marked by a footpath marker) onto a grassy track towards the burn.

Don't cross a bridge over the burn but keep left (i.e. keeping the burn on your RHS). The path soon runs between fences then ahead through a four bar metal gate. After the path enters woods keep to the more major path when a lesser path forks right down hill. Cross a small footbridge, then another concrete bridge with metal handrails. The woods and burn are now mainly on your RHS side with fields and a farm house some way off on your left hand side (LHS). The valley soon becomes a bit deeper and rockier on your RHS. Cross another footbridge over a small stream that joins the burn, then a short way further on keep left as a bridge turns right across the burn (i.e do not cross the burn).

The path bears left down into a gully then crosses a side stream via a small wooden bridge. Keep ahead up a number of earth and wood steps. At the top of the steps there's a field on your LHS and the burn is on your RHS. Keep to the path close to the fence then follow it as it bears right and downhill into the valley. The path soon climbs a little again to reach another fence on your LHS (with a stone farmhouse a little further away and more ahead).

Follow the path as it bears left along the bank of a side stream (i.e. the side stream is soon on your RHS as you walk). Look to your right after a short distance to see a small waterfall in the valley of the side stream. Keep ahead until you reach a stile, cross the stile (Hamish easily used a large dog flap just beyond the stile) to reach a large 6 bar metal gate (NY 9847 4102).

Turn right through the gate (note footpath sign on the right hand wooden post by gate). Follow the clear enclosed track between farm buildings until you reach a fork in the track then take the right hand fork downhill (not left through a metal gate). Cross a bridge over the burn then follow the track as it bears right past a disused building. Turn left uphill a short distance before the warehouse type building and smaller cross stream. Follow a clear 'semi made' track up by a fence at first, then to the LHS of a dry stone wall.

Go ahead through a 6 bar metal gate marked by a 'circular footpath' sign and open access land sign (also dog restriction sign other than for public right of way). Keep to the main track as it bears right away from the gate. The views are now well worth the modest climbing so far achieved. Keep ahead on the main track following a line of telegraph poles as the dry stone wall bears right and downhill. The track bears hard right uphill to the B6278 road passing a metal seat as it goes. The seat is dedicated to the memory of Warrant Officer Colin Wall (Royal Military Police) and includes a couple of spaniels in its design.

Cross directly over the road onto a track then, after less than 50 metres, turn right on to a clear track. The track uses an embankment for part of the way as it runs towards buildings and is parallel with the road (away on your RHS). Just before the buildings bear left with the track away from the road (Crawley Side Bank). Follow the obvious track away from the buildings and road (i.e going broadly east with a higher ridge and communications mast away to your LHS). Some way on, as the track starts to descend, take a right hand fork. After about 80 metres the track joins another coming from the left. Turn right (more-or-less ahead) towards buildings and pine trees. The track passes to the right of the largest buildings to reach a metalled lane (East Lane) via a five bar wooden gate (NZ 0035 3951). Turn right and follow the lane downhill back to Stanhope (keep left at a fork in the lane near the bottom of the hill).

Turn right when you reach the main A road and walk back through Stanhope passing through Market Place with its cross on the RHS, the church, Durham Dales Centre (toilets, shops, car park and gardens), Fire Station and old Police Station. Cross the B6278 as it joins on the right. Burnside Brace is a short way up on the RHS before the B road turns left to Barnard Castle.

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