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Dog Friendly Walks : Rowsley and Bakewell Circular (9 moderate)

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  • Map - Outdoor Leisure 24 (White Peak)
  • Distance - About 9 miles
  • Stiles - One with large dog flap
  • Date walked - 11.9.2005

This walk starts from The Old Station House (no longer a customer so may not be dog friendly) in Rowsley where Hamish was staying (grid reference SK 1360 8315) but an alternative start point would be the public car park opposite Peak Village outlet (adjacent to the A6). 

From The Old Station House TURN RIGHT to reach the A6 Matlock - Bakewell road.  TURN RIGHT signposted to Bakewell, quickly passing Public car park on your left hand side (LHS) opposite Peak Village shopping outlet.  Continue on pavement as A6 bears left via road bridge over the River Derwent then bears right.  If parking in public car park TURN LEFT and follow road around left hand bend over river bridge.  After bridge, as the A6 bends right, CROSS A6 WITH CARE and TURN LEFT on pavement. 

Just after the Peacock Hotel, TURN RIGHT into Church Lane past village shop on your LHS.  Follow Church Lane noting but not taking footpath on right hand side (RHS) to Calton Lees and Chatsworth.  Carry on steadily uphill past houses the church and St Katherine's Close.  Continue uphill after the tarmac finishes and the lane becomes a track.

Follow the track as it bears right still uphill on reaching a tree line on the LHS.   There are dry stone walls on either side of the track, good views to the right and trees to the left.  At top of field reach track junction and wooden gate into field on your RHS.  Bear LEFT and follow main track into the woods (don't turn right on track marked 'No entry, Haddon Hall Estate').  Follow main track gently uphill through the trees.

Keep ahead as the track emerges from the trees at the crest of the hill (do not take the right hand uphill track).  Continue ahead going downhill, keeping the dry stone wall and view beyond on your LHS.  Follow track downhill, pass to left of metal barrier to reach track junction.

Fork slightly RIGHT on track going down between a dry stone wall on your LHS and trees on your right (don't go through the wooden gate or follow a path uphill as indicated by a marker post).  Follow this main track downhill through a series of gates and follow track though Coombes Farm yard.  Continue on track and through gate when track becomes metalled.

Pass under stone railway bridge then TURN RIGHT as indicated by footpath marker and information board, uphill onto the Monsal Trail.  At top of hill TURN LEFT along old railway track.  Follow track under a bridge and continue ahead until you reach the old station buildings at Bakewell.  

At end of buildings TURN LEFT through car park to reach Station Road.  TURN LEFT and follow road downhill to reach road junction by river bridge.  Note the public car park on the LHS, the return walk starts from this car park (actually a series of connected car parks) but if you wish to explore Bakewell, cross the road bridge into the town.  You can return to the car park via this road bridge or by a number of footbridges from the town.

From the main car park (grid reference SK 2225 6838), starting near the main building, TURN RIGHT on road (Agricultural Way) and go through gate between cattle grid and Bakewell Agricultural & Horticultural Society building.  Cross road and follow footpath fingerpost to Haddon Hall.  There is Pay and Display car parking down either side of this road.  

Walk parallel to road (on its LHS) and keep ahead as the road bears right to go over a bridge.  Go ahead over stile (enormous dog flap on LHS) and cross field keeping close to LHS hedge.  Go through pedestrian wooden gate, turn immediately LEFT over a small bridge and then immediately RIGHT as indicated by a footpath fingerpost (hedge now on RHS).  Cross field aiming for public footpath fingerpost, crossing a couple of small footbridges to reach it.

At footpath sign, TURN RIGHT along RHS of field, keep ahead as a concrete bridge crosses the stream on your RHS (you might notice a footpath sign on the opposite side of the bridge).  Keep to the LHS of the hedgerow, and then pass through a pedestrian wooden gate.  Just beyond gate note cross path signs, CONTINUE AHEAD on bridleway to Bowling Green Farm.

Follow clearly walked path keeping close to RHS of field.  Pass two footpath and bridleway marker posts before reaching and going through a wooden gate to reach a metalled lane.  TURN LEFT up the hill, keeping metal railing fence on your RHS.  Just before the lane bears hard left you might notice a railway sleeper fence with a post and rail section in its centre.   If you look through the centre you can see the bricked up portal to the old Haddon Hall railway tunnel.

Continue on lane uphill around the bend.  As metal railing fence comes to an end, TURN RIGHT through a wooden gate marked with a blue arrow marker.  Follow a clearly defined path keeping close to the railings on your RHS following the blue arrow marker.  Don't follow another clear path going to the left towards the farm.  

Go through wooden gate, there are good views on your RHS and behind you back to Bakewell and its church spire.  Go through another wooden gate just as the railings finish and a dressed stone wall begins.  Bear slightly left as you go through the gate and then follow a clear track uphill.  Don't take the track that goes into the farm (marked as Bowling Green Farm on map) but continue uphill on track.  The track levels out with hedge and views on your RHS and then descends a little. There is a steep drop through woods on your LHS.

On reaching track junction KEEP LEFT, ignore track to right signed to Rowsley.  Almost at once there is a good view to your left down the valley towards Coombes Farm.  At the head of the valley reach another track junction.  TURN RIGHT and pass to side of metal barrier going uphill on track with a hedge on your LHS and a dry stone wall on your right.  Follow this clear track as used on the outward journey back to Church Lane, Rowsley and your starting point.

TURN LEFT by the Peacock Hotel, go over bridge and follow road as it bears right.  The public car park is on your RHS. TURN LEFT at road junction as A6 bears right to reach The Old Station House. 

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