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Dog Friendly Walks : Litton, Derbyshire - circular route via Tansley, Cressbrook & Millers Dales

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SK17 8QU

  • Map - Outdoor Leisure 24 ( White Peak area)
  • Distance - 5 miles approx
  • Stiles - 2 (one with dog flap, the other very low) - one set of steps over stone wall (gate beside)
  • Date walked - 04/10/02 (re-walked 17.9.12)

The walk starts in Litton village which is approximately 1 mile east of Tideswell and a half mile south of the A623. Some parking is available near to the primary school (GR SK1639 7519). Please note that after/during very wet weather the path beside the River Wye maybe liable to flooding. 

This route will not be suitable for large dogs unable to get over one of the stiles along the way - the first is probably the most testing.

If you would like to receive by e mail a free GPX file (track converted from the trail we walked) produced by our Satmap Active 10 GPS please contact us quoting GPX Litton.  Please note this file is for personal use only and must not be further reproduced without our explicit permission.  Those wishing to use the file commercially should make their intentions clear when contacting us. Please note we can not guarantee this file will work successfully on any other GPS or that the data might be corrupted in transfer but we are confident, in most cases when it is loaded into a robust GPS, it will greatly assist navigation.

From Primary school cross road to phone box and shop, turn left and follow road until you reach a minor road on right and Hall Farm House. TURN RIGHT onto road signposted to Cressbrook and Monsal Dale for approx a quarter of a mile. As road bends to right TURN LEFT onto farm track between stonewalls. Follow track past farm until you reach a set of stone steps over the wall on your right with a wooden finger post. GO OVER STEPS (Hamish squeezed under the adjacent gate) and follow path through field to corner of stonewall on your left. There is a notice board here for 'The Peak and Northern Footpaths Society'. CONTINUE AHEAD following diagonal footpath marker downhill to Tansley Dale to reach a junction of walls.

Go across stile (with dog flap) to immediately reach a small wooden marker post. Ignore the white marked path ahead. Take the yellow RIGHT HAND PATH that goes diagonally downhill soon passing a notice board for 'English Nature National Nature Reserve', welcoming you to Cressbrook Dale. Path becomes narrow and rocky, continues downhill bending to the left into a narrow steep sided valley. Follow path to bottom of valley to reach stonewall with a fence and a wooden gate.

GO THROUGH GATE, then over stream bed (it was dry when Hamish walked but there are steeping stones for wet weather) and TURN RIGHT . Follow path keeping stonewall on your right and after a short way the path divides. Take the LEFT PATH GOING UPHILL  (or *) passing a fenced-in mine shaft, path then becomes steeper. Path becomes rocky with steps. Pass another sign for 'English Nature' and after about 200 metres path divides although it is indistinct. TAKE RIGHT FORK UPHILL TOWARDS STONEWALL with a lone tree behind it. Near the wall there is a wooden gate.  Go through the gate then TURN TO THE RIGHT and follow distinct path slightly downhill.

* If you don't fancy the climb an alternative is to stay in the valley bottom and use a permissive path via a gate.  Re-join the instructions at # below).

Path becomes more steeply downhill and enters a wooded section. As path levels out ignore path coming in on right, continue ahead to reach wooden footbridge with gate. CROSS OVER, TURN LEFT and follow path round bottom of hill (ignore path on right which climbs steeply uphill# this is the alternative - go ahead if using it). Follow path passing a row of cottages on left, path becomes a tarmac drive here. On reaching a road junction (signpost here pointing back to 'Ravensdale') TURN LEFT ON ROAD going downhill. Continue downhill on road (ignoring minor track on right) to Cressbrook Mill. Just before the mill buildings pass a road junction on the right. TURN RIGHT ONTO FOOTPATH immediately after this road and before the mill buildings. The footpath starts by a wall with a large stone ball on the top and is marked by a wooden 'Monsal Trail' sign. Follow the footpath - when Hamish walked it the mill was being re-developed and the path passed between temporary metal fencing on the left and a wall on the right.

Follow the path to reach a wooden footbridge on the right over the river shortly after a split in the path. CROSS FOOTBRIDGE following the sign for the concessionary path to Litton Mill. Follow path along right hand riverbank passing old mill workings, a weir and a sign for 'no cycling'. Path crosses a metal plated bridge; continue ahead to reach Litton Mill. Path turns right just before mill building and becomes a track/driveway. Follow it round the right hand edge of the mill - when Hamish walked it this mill was also being re-developed. Leave mill area via  a gate with several stone steps up to road on its left hand side (near to telephone box - GR SK 1609 7297) and TURN IMMEDIATELY RIGHT ON MINOR ROAD going uphill passing Chimney Cottage.

Continue uphill and after passing last house on right, road becomes a stony track. CONTINUE ON TRACK PASSING THROUGH METAL GATE, CONTINUE AHEAD UPHILL following line of telegraph poles and ignore another track that branches off to the right. Near top of hill bear right just in front of a stonewall and water trough and then left OVER LOW STILE next to gate (Hamish jumped this) onto minor road beside cottages.

Follow road gently uphill to road junction beside cottages called New Houses. TURN LEFT and follow road to reach a cemetery inside a stonewall with surrounding pine trees. Road forks - both roads go to Litton - Hamish took the left hand road as this appeared to be the more minor road, the right hand road takes you back to Hall Farm House in Litton. Follow road and on reaching next road junction TURN RIGHT to village center.

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