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Dog friendly hotels in Ireland

Hotel owners across the country are waiting to open their doors and welcome both you and your dog. These pet and dog friendly hotels are the perfect destination for nights away, where you have peace of mind that your dog companion is close by and no worry about kennels or dog minders.

dog friendly hotels vary in their facilities so please browse our listings for a hotel that is right for you. As dog owners ourselves, we have stayed at a number of hotels listed on the site and you can see our comments by clicking on the 'DogPeople Says' links.

For hotels that go that little bit further in welcoming your dog, we have marked those in either the 'Good Dog' or 'Top Dog' categories. Our hotel listings are categorised by both region or locality, to help you identify a hotel near to your intended destination. Book a dog friendly hotel for your next getaway and then do tell us about your experience, we'll be delighted to hear how both you and your dog companion enjoyed it.

Here is a selection of our dog friendly hotels listings. Narrow your search to a specific area to see more.

Dogpeople Rating: Top
The Dunloe. A hotel in County Kerry, Munster.

The hotel is currently closed for refurbishment but is taking bookings for stays from 23rd April onwards. The Dunloe offers a home for your dog whether it is one of the luxurious kennels or dog friendly guest rooms. The moment you arrive at The Dunloe, you'll be greeted with a [...]