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  1. Dog friendly beaches for holidays and days out

    Our walks and beaches directory has a selection of walking routes suitable for your dog and a mass of information about dogs on beaches. The beach information mostly comes from council websites (with links from our directory pages). This often includes details about dog restrictions or bans about beaches under the control of individual councils as well as drawing attention to the beaches where your dogs will be welcome (sometimes for only part of the year). Often the area covered is more than one town. We will try and draw attention to individual towns, especially those most likely to be of interest to our dog owning visitors whether on holiday or simply wanting a day out at the seaside. This might mean the same link is used for several locations and visitors will have to search a little for the individual advice they want.
    A problem with using third party links is they are often changed. This has happened recently for Cornwall (but this is an exception to our rule of highlighting towns as there are just too many – and they are pretty well known to many tourists).and Lewes Council’s area (including Eastbourne and Seaford) but we’ve updated the information in our directory. Click on our links to find out more.

    dog on beach at Whitstable

    Trixie on the beach at Whitstable

    If a particular beach grabs your attention and you’d like to visit with your dog on holiday you might like to check out our dog friendly hotels, guesthouses, holiday cottages or holiday parks where your dog will be welcome too. If it’s just a day’s visit maybe you’d like to look for a place to eat with your dog to make the most of your day out.

    dog on Barmouth beach whilst on holiday

    Murphy on Barmouth beach whilst on holiday in Snowdonia