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  1. Spiritual Dog Retreat Review

    Thanks go to Caroline Griffith who has kindly provided this article. Caroline runs spiritual retreats plus other activities for dogs and their owners to help improve dog behaviour and wellbeing.

    Spiritual Dog Retreat Review

    by Rebecca Cook and Booboo, Yorkie Cross

    “A what?” would be the response I got from the vast majority of people when I told them where I was going, quickly followed by “You are bonkers”.  I don’t know what confused them the most, the thought of doing something spiritual, going on a retreat, or doing it with my dog.

    Firstly, let me list the negatives and get that out of the way. There were none. Easy!

    Now onto the good stuff…..

    During the retreat we did group mediation twice a day. Something you would think to be impossible with the dogs and to start with some of the dogs (mine being the main culprit!) were unsettled.  By the end of the retreat though, it was as if they had been doing this all their lives and they were all so chilled.  My dog, Booboo loved it, just lying there and watching, which was in itself a minor miracle!

    There were talks, as well as the chance to practice many other topics such as scent work, spiral work, grounding, balancing and dog nutrition. All of which were fascinating and eye opening, Caroline is so knowledgeable and I have total faith in her abilities and advice. We also had the opportunity to have a 1 to 1 with Caroline which was quite emotional for some of us. I could suddenly see aspects of myself clearly for the first time in many years. In fact I have never seen things as clearly as I did during the retreat.

    I cannot possibly miss out the food. Oh the food!  It was all vegetarian, with vegans completely catered for too. Freshly home cooked, from proper ingredients by the lovely Fay, who is an awesome cook.

    The whole thing takes place at an amazing venue, which has stayed with me in my heart. The accommodation is just lovely, very comfortable and they fully cater for the dogs, covering up all the sofas so the pooches can be as comfy as the humans and letting the dogs stay in your room. Also all the others on the retreat were amazing. It was a fantastic opportunity to meet like-minded people and not be considered as odd, or different.

    What has happened since I left the retreat…

    My highly strung little Booboo has become a much more relaxed and happy dog, even my sceptical husband has had to admit this. I am myself also less highly strung and more relaxed. In fact, I have started painting again, something which I haven’t done in 10 years. I am also going to get back into playing the guitar as soon as Santa brings me one!  I feel like I have been unblocked and set free – I can see why so many people go more than once. I am planning to return next year myself.

    If you are interested in experiencing a Spiritual Dog Retreat, you can find out more at

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