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  1. Murphy meets Schnauzer-fest

    Murphy’s walk along Whitstable’s Saxon Shore Way and beach on Sunday led him to meet a huddle of Schnauzers and their owners. The group were gathering before setting off on a mass dog walk in aid of a Schnauzer charity. Murphy was delighted to meet them; there was much tail wagging.

    dog walkers on beach at Whitstable

    Schnauzer-fest dog walkers gathering on beach

    We stopped off at The West Beach Café on the way home for a cream tea, a cream cappuccino and a coffee and toasted tea cake. Thoroughly enjoyable sitting in the Sun whilst Murphy had a rest! We had a good walk and hope the Schnauzers had an enjoyable dog friendly day out too (they could find other dog friendly pubs and places to eat locally if they consulted a well known website!).

    West Beach Tearoom Whitstable

    West Beach Tearoom – dogs welcome on leads

    Murphy is definitely slowing. He is still on antibiotics as his bowels return to diarrhoea soon after a course finishes. He’s getting older too but, sadly, his reduced energy might be more to do with his still undiagnosed health issues. He’s still on a restricted diet – now gastro-intestinal – so this might be making him a bit miserable too. Options for Murphy’s bowel issues are narrowing, if a ‘cure’ isn’t possible the focus will soon shift to quality of life. For the time being he is enjoying his walks but runs out of steam sooner, especially on warm days. He’s lying around more at home. He is certain to enjoy a wider range of food and a return to biscuit treats … if the special diet isn’t helping him (and it doesn’t appear to be yet).

    dogs on the beach at Whitstable

    Murphy with the Schnauzers