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    Dog Ownership article kindly provided by Tom from Clippers Ireland.

    From looking at photos on social media of dog owners snuggled up with their precious pooches, you could be forgiven for thinking that having a dog as a companion is round-the-clock fun and games. While there will be plenty of such adorable moments, the Instagram feeds and Snapchat stories don’t capture the less loveable aspects of taking responsibility for dogs, like making sure they are fed and that they behave properly.

    Clippers Ireland kindly provided us with an infographic* which looks at the most important aspects of owning a dog, such as how much you’d need to budget to preserve the canine’s welfare, which breeds are most suitable for certain types of people and how much you should exercise your dog. *the infographic can be viewed in full here

    It would not be unreasonable to suggest that, if you have a dog in your home, you would need to set aside approximately £600 a year to care for it – this, of course, will vary from one breed to the next, but it is a fairly realistic ballpark figure. On food alone, you’re likely to spend at least £20 a month, possibly much more for larger dogs. Grooming could cost as little as £25 a year or as much as £250. Veterinary care could be anything between £90 and £300 and you must have a licence for your dog, which comes to £12.50 annually. In some countries, you’ll also be required by law to have your dog microchipped.

    Before determining an exact budget, think about who the dog is for and what its primary purpose will be. Playful pets like golden retrievers are perfect for families with small children, while elderly citizens would most likely appreciate the companionship of a poodle or Yorkshire terrier. If you plan on exercising with your dog regularly, it’s best to get a Labrador retriever or English setter. If you’re looking for a dog to add a touch of security to your home, boxers and Rottweilers are ideal (but not if you have children in your home, as these dog breeds can be aggressive).

    We hope that you enjoy plenty of playful moments and cuddles with your dog, as these are important too! Just don’t neglect the less glamorous aspects of living with a four-legged friend!

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