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  1. Site Refresh

    Unless you are looking at our website for the first time you’ll, hopefully, have noticed we have completed a refresh of its appearance and functionality. There’s now a mobile version too, so visitors should find navigation easier on smart ‘phones and tablets. As well as a less cluttered design, the site features new routes for dog owners to find what they need to plan holidays and days out with their dogs. All the information and advice we’ve gathered over fifteen years on the net is still available (click on the ‘more’ link at the top of pages and / or links in page footers). Our blog has been given a makeover too, with a different way of displaying images … and all the earlier news posts have been retained (there are lots of ways to search for articles at the bottom of blog pages).

    Beachshore Design, our technical partners, have driven much of the redesign and delivered it seamlessly. They guided all the technical ‘stuff’ to improve search engine visibility too, including a server upgrade. We hope we will now more easily help responsible dog owners enjoy their leisure time with their canine pals and provide our advertisers better opportunity to help (click here for advertising information – including free adverts for some dog friendly businesses).