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  1. Murphy back at the vet’s for more tests

    Murphy has been back to see Radu at Toachim House. He’s had more problems with frequent and irregular bowel movements and is still passing blood. Since his last polyp removal procedure (see blog entry in August) he had a course of antibiotics to try and clear up an episode of diarrhoea and blood loss. The medication had the desired effect for a while but, sadly, he relapsed. I think both Murphy and Radu are getting a bit tired of rectal examinations!

    Murphy is now booked in for a more extensive ultrasound scan and blood tests. Alan is charged with collecting stool samples too. Alan fears this is not going to be easy to resolve ….

    Murphy has been very picky about his food too – not a good sign for him. Happily, he still has plenty of energy most of the time. He manged Kinder Scout on our recent trip to The Peak District more easily than Alan (see more here) and yanked Alan off his feet after we returned home from our self catering holiday trip whilst in pursuit of a cat under a car (Alan was the only one to sustain injury!).

    A little worryingly, Murphy has shown some signs of cruciate problems since he’s been home – maybe he didn’t do himself much good lunging across Alan even though he walked well before his trip to the vet’s.  Mercifully a couple of days of ‘light duties’ of dog walking seem to have settled his leg or knee.

    Fingers crossed for good results later this week.

    dog rests in pub after a long walk

    Murphy at rest in a dog friendly pub after his Kinder Scout walk