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  1. Do you carry at least two scoop bags?

    The national media reported today Canterbury City Council’s latest approach to dog fouling. We even heard it mentioned of Radio Two news! Murphy lives in the council’s area so he and Alan have been aware of a proposal to fine walkers who can not produce a bag for some time – local media has covered it too. It seems the new policy has been implemented and any dog walker who can not produce two bags might be fined by council civil enforcement staff. Sadly, the scope of any new power to enforce the requirement to carry bags is far from clear. Canterbury City Council’s website only has a link to its Facebook page which holds a brief statement and no link to the relevant law.

    dog walkers with scoop bags take them to a bin

    Jo and another dog walker head for the scoop bin

    Murphy has had another bout of bowel problems resulting in the use of five or six bags on some walks. He’s on a course of anti-biotics at the moment and his motions have settled … but Alan will be taking plenty of bags when we go for our walks! DogPeople are strong supporters of responsible dog ownership and believe in scooping whenever possible (see more of our thoughts on ownership and holidays on our rating system page).

    Readers may recall Anne Main MP recommended ‘flick’ rather that ‘pick’ when walking in woodlands during a debate in Westminster Hall earlier this year. She cited a Forestry Commission campaign to ‘stick and flick’ waste off paths and into undergrowth where nature can safely take its course.

    Canterbury City Council’s website has a section on dog fouling and includes this:

    “Apart from agricultural and forestry land, you must clear up after your dog. This includes beaches, footpaths, highways, parks, public gardens and council land. A lack of signs or dog waste bins is not an excuse for not doing so.”

    The new requirement to carry bags is in addition to the above.

    We will try and find out more about the council’s new powers and will keep you posted if we do.
    Whether or not you and your dogs live in, or visit, Canterbury, the surrounding villages, Whitstable or Herne Bay we earnestly recommend responsible disposal of your dog’s ‘deposits’.


    two dogs having fun on a walk

    Hamish and Barney having fun on a walk