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  1. Lottie enjoys a summer dog walk

    Dog friendly walks and beaches

    Lottie on dog walk in Kent

    We wanted to share a few photos of Lottie Airedale enjoying a lovely summer dog walk on Sunday. She is 9 years old now, has an arthritic hip but still comfortably managed to do 5 miles around fields and woods near Cudham, Kent. We all had a great walk and good exercise before tucking into homemade Sunday dinner.

    Dog friendly walks

    Dog friendly walk with Lottie (&Jo)

    We feature a number of dog friendly walk routes and areas around the UK in our Walks and Beaches directory. These range from short easy walks like Rye Harbour Nature Reserve to more challenging hill climbs like High Street circular from Hartsop in Cumbria If you don’t find it easy to navigate in the countryside then other good places for dog walking are Country Parks. These often have set out routes with coloured markers and sometimes nature trails for children.