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  1. Another day at the vet’s for Murphy

    We reported Murphy’s rectal problems in January and the apparent relapse in June.  His brilliant vets, Toachim House in Faversham, Kent gave Alan a detailed and in depth consultation after a further examination proved Murphy had another growth.  A ‘rectal pull through’ and wider removal seems to offer the best chance of complete removal of the lump but the risks attached to this procedure are too high in both probability and impact for Alan to agree.  Another ‘level’ removal with a snare has been done.  Andrei said the growth was bigger than previously and with a wider attachment – but he hopes to have removed as much as is possible with this procedure.

    Murphy was really bouncy when picked up on the same afternoon as the op and has not suffered any after effects.  It took over a week before he stopped passing blood (whilst the wound healed) but he now seems more comfortable.  He is still straining to pass things that aren’t there, especially on his morning walks, but Alan hopes this will settle down in time.  He is certainly straining less often.  His motions are more regular too.  Fingers crossed this will be a longer lasting solution for Murphy and we will be able to enjoy another dog friendly holiday before too long.

    About Murphy will be updated on the site soon.

    dog health problem with bottom

    Murphy on a post operation walk