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  1. Find the ideal self-catered accommodation with Cottage Gems and holiday tips

    Find the ideal self-catered accommodation with Cottage Gems

    Four top-tips to consider when bringing your four-legged friend

    To celebrate the recent rebranding of Cottage Gems (previously, the family run company has chosen 4 top-tips for pet-owners in search of suitable self-catered accommodation.

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    Dog friendly self catering holidays

    The rebrand aims to capture the website’s belief that they are ‘the diamonds, rubies and emeralds’ of the UK self-catering business. From the extravagant to the eccentric, Cottage Gems aims to be the ‘best resource and place to find luxurious cottages in the UK and Ireland’ and has produced this list to reflect the sites aim of supporting holiday-makers in finding their ideal self-catered accomodation, whatever their needs.

    1. Check website information

    Before visiting anywhere unfamiliar with your pet check the appropriate website information sections to avoid disappointment and to ensure you and others stay safe. Many beaches and parks are dog friendly, and some even allow dogs off leads in certain areas and at certain times, but any restrictions should be observed and respected to help avoid confrontational situations. Be sure to also find out how far the nearest veterinary is to your accommodation.

    1. Know your dog

    It may sound silly, but when finding accommodation it is important that your dog’s needs are accounted for to avoid restless nights for your pet. Would they enjoy sleeping outdoors in tent? Are they well-behaved enough!? Or are they big on home comforts? Often the dog’s age and breed can impact on this, but so too can their specific personalities. Dogs can become homesick if they find the accommodation and night-time arrangement too unfamiliar so packing home bedding can help.

    1. Read dog-owners’ forums and magazines

    See what other owners thought, and gain useful tips and advice. Often dog owners who have holidayed in an area can advise you of less-conventional and off-the-radar locations to take your dog, as well as places that may be better avoided at certain times or all-together.

    1. Consider the journey

    You may find that the perfect luxury accommodation is not the perfect distance. Planning your potential journey prior to booking is essential. Ensuring the dog is comfortable and has room to endure a long journey, whilst also leaving room to fit in all your luggage, is easy to overlook until the morning or days before travel and can cause logistical nightmares. Regular breaks, lots of water, and plenty of air are crucial.

    Visit Cottage Gems to find a range of unique, luxury and pet-friendly self-catered accommodation choice (and last minute deals!)