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  1. Easter Walk and Lunch

    Murphy walked about ten miles on Easter Saturday; a variation on one of the routes in our dog friendly walks and beaches directory.  Starting and finishing in Boughton Under Blean in Kent meant we could treat ourselves at The Queen’s Head afterwards.  Having walked about ten miles, with some soggy going, we were all ready for a cosy sit down and something to eat and drink.  We had a large bone biscuit with us for Murphy and he was delighted when The Queen’s gave him another after we’d eaten!  We indulged in salmon and a lasagne to start and finished with sumptuous desserts.  David’s (the landlord) home-made bread and butter pudding and custard have always been the perfect reward after a long walk as far as Alan is concerned … but the Chocolate Brownie and ice cream received high praise too!

    Chocolate Brownie and Ice Cream

    The Queen’s Chocolate Brownie and Ice Cream

    Bread and Butter Pudding and Custard

    Alan’s favourite pudding at this dog welcoming pub

    double pudding at dog friendly pub

    Double pudding!

    Murphy dog rests at the pub

    Murphy was glad of a rest after his walk – but kept a careful eye on lunch!