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  1. Dog friendly day out at Sussex Prairie Garden

    We are delighted to welcome Sussex Prairie Garden to our Days Out directory in West Sussex. As the name suggests this is a garden with it’s own unique identity created by owners Paul and Pauline. Situated close to the South Downs National Park the dog friendly gardens look a great place for an afternoon visit for all the family. Dogs on a short lead are welcome to accompany their owner round the garden, inside the teashop or sit outside on the terrace.

    Paul & Pauline have also told us about a special competition they are doing “This year we are also running for the first time, a fun Dog Honours Award Competition which dog owners and their pets are able to enter as they visit the garden. Entry fees for the competition will be donated to the Dogs Trust. We shall soon have more about this up on our website ! ”

    Sussex Prairie Garden looks an interesting and pleasant place for a stroll and afternoon tea with your four legged friend.

    Sussex Prairie Garden hound and woman

    Hound loving day out