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  1. Introducing Pure Pet Food and Special Offer Starter Packs

    Dogpeople Ltd are delighted to bring you information about a dog food created by Dan and Mat of Pure Pet Food and a special offer on starter packs for Dogpeople site visitors and readers.

    Introducing Pure Pet Food
    “Dog Food With A Difference”

    Pure food

    Pure pet food

    With thousands of options of wet, dry and raw foods to choose from, it is not too often that we come across a food that is genuinely different and can offer a whole host of benefits. Pure Pet Food is simply dog food with a difference!

    Pure Pet Food are the UK’s first and only manufacturers of human grade naturally dehydrated dog food. The company, that also owns the only pet food factory regulated by human rather than animal food authorities, produce their ranges using a unique dehydration technique that preserves the freshness of the ingredients whilst eliminating the harsh temperatures and cooking procedures used in the production of most dry or wet dog food. Owners simply add water and serve!

    How it started
    Pure Pet Food was founded by childhood friends Dan and Mat after they noticed a big gap in the market for high quality, healthy pet food that was not only nutritious but also affordable and accessible by all pet owners. Dan and Mat soon got to work creating and experimenting with recipes made from only fresh and raw ingredients. Although these recipes were great, it still didn’t provide a solution to make life any easier for owners who had been feeding their pets raw and home-made diets. After much research and consultation the solution came in the form of an idea to remove moisture from food through a gentle dehydration method which would make the food last a lot longer whilst still preserving the natural goodness of the ingredients.

    Using what money they had saved, they purchased a small dehydration machine and got to work creating the first Pure Pet Food recipes in Dan’s kitchen in Yorkshire. A few brave friends let their dogs try the new food and luckily it went down a treat – leaving Dan and Mat convinced that their wacky idea could finally become a reality!

    The food not only looked and smelt like real food but it also made it easy for owners to feed their dogs a meal with the same level of nutrients and goodness found in raw and homemade foods, without the inconvenience or cost.

    So, Pure Pet Food was born, the company soon grew enough to move out of the kitchen and into their very own human grade food production facility which enabled them to keep their founding ethos of using nothing but human grade ingredients and producing food made to a human grade standard.

    Now advised by leading nutritionists the company has come a long way over the last few years; winning a host of innovation awards, turning down the dragons on BBC’s Dragons Den and winning the Young Entrepreneur of the Year awards with Lloyds bank!

    Why Not Try It for yourself!

    Pure is rewarding our lucky subscribers with a chance to get 20% off their starter packs

    To take advantage of this offer simply type the coupon code “DOGPEOPLE” into the voucher code field at

    Offer ends 7th March 2016

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